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Discover The Saguenay Canada

In the centre of the country, the Saguenay has its source in Lake Saint-Jean, then crosses a landscape marked by mountains and cliffs, before reaching the Saint Lawrence River. The river then draws a magnificent and very deep fjord. During the winter season, the Saguenay fjord is one of the most popular places for fishing under ice in the region. To be protected from the wind, this type of fishing, inherited from American Indian customs, is done from wooden cabins.

  • The Saguenay , The Saguenay, Canada , Canada
    The Saguenay, Canada

    Just under 100 miles long, the river takes its source from Lac-Saint-Jean and eventually flows into the St. Lawrence.

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  • The Saguenay , The villages surrounding Saguenay , Canada
    The villages surrounding Saguenay

    The banks of the river are lined with charming little villages where the inhabitants welcome visitors with open arms.

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  • The Saguenay , Lac-Saint-Jean, Canada , Canada
    Lac-Saint-Jean, Canada

    Most of the 275,000 inhabitants live in the towns located along the banks of the river, where the way of life is still very culture-orientated.

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  • The Saguenay , The Saguenay Fjord, Canada , Canada
    The Saguenay Fjord, Canada

    The views here, dominated by craggy cliffs, constitute some of the most majestic panoramas in Quebec. This natural wonder can be discovered on foot, by horseback, or by kayak

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  • The Saguenay , The Saguenay Valley , Canada
    The Saguenay Valley, Canada

    The panoramic views alternate between land and sea. Thus, as well as the lakes found in the region.

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  • The Saguenay , The beaches of Saguenay , Canada
    The beaches of Saguenay, Canada

    The banks of the river are home to some of the most magnificent beaches where you can swim in natural surroundings.

    MTOQ - Claude Parent, Paul Hurteau
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