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The sub-Arctic forest Canada
By Amy Adejokun Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover The sub-Arctic forest

The sub-Arctic forest, where the vegetation is sparse and the growth of trees slow, connects the northern tundra with the boreal forest. It occupies a large part of the territory to the Saint Lawrence River. This forested part essentially consists of coniferous trees, such as the balsam fir, the jack pine and the tamarack.

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The sub-Arctic forest

The sub-Arctic forest , Caribou , Canada
Moose, Canada

This forest is home to many reindeer, known as caribous, which can often been spotted close to watering holes at dawn.

© anikasalsera - 123RF
The sub-Arctic forest , Quebec's ecosystems , Canada
Quebec's ecosystems, Canada

Quebec has 89 species of mammal living on and in its land and aquatic ecosystems.

© Arto HAKOLA - 123 RF
The sub-Arctic forest , Wolves , Canada
Wolves, Canada

There are 24 wolf sub-species in North America, 17 of which live in Canada. There are certainly plenty of grey wolves in the country's subarctic forests.

© Easyvoyage.com
The sub-Arctic forest , Animal watching , Canada
Animal watching, Canada

Nature lovers will be able to spend hours watching the animals of the forest, though it could get a bit nail-biting once night falls!

© Keith Levit - 123 RF
The sub-Arctic forest , The white wolf , Canada
White wolf, Canada

This carnivorous mammal is coming under increased protection as it is threatened with extinction.

© Nialat - 123 RF
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