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The snowmobile is of course the activity you think of first. 20,000 miles of sign-posted paths criss-cross Quebec; you must respect the signposting as much as when on the road. For those preferring a calmer means of transport, there are the dog sleds. However, driving them is more difficult than it looks; it requires good command and stamina. Once the snow falls, the hikers' paths become snowshoe hiking paths. With more than 150 skiing stations, skiing is very common, even at night, as some tracks are lit up until 10.30pm. Cross-country skiing and ice skating are also widely done in Quebec and there are many good quality infrastructures for this. A lot calmer, hand-line fishing also has a good following? a cabin, a bench, a hole in the ice, and that's it. Coming to Quebec in the winter is a real pleasure for all those who love ice and snow sports. Make the most of it!

  • Winter activities , Winter activities in Quebec , Canada
    Winter activities in Quebec

    Ice-canoeing, which is now a competitive sport, was for a long time the only means of transport and communication between the two banks of the St. Lawrence River.

    Luc-Antoine Couturier / OT de Quebec
  • Winter activities , Skiing in Quebec , Canada
    Skiing in Quebec, Canada

    You won't find any Alpine-style slopes here but rather easier runs which are often illuminated by night and close to the cities.

    Jean Sylvain
  • Winter activities , Snow Tubing , Canada
    Snow Tubing, Canada

    Many of Quebec's hotels, as well as the resort of Mont Tremblant itself, offer visitors the opportunity to hurtle down a snow-covered mountainside in a rubber ring.

    Village Vacances Valcartier
  • Winter activities , Dog sleds , Canada
    Dog sleds, Canada

    Quebec is renowned for dog sledding, and the amount of snowfall coupled with the vast expanses of terrain make for the perfect conditions for this thrilling activity.

    MTOQ - Robin Edgar
  • Winter activities , Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing , Canada
    Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing

    Unlike cross-country skiing, you don't need a specially designed area for snowshoeing; as long as there is enough snow on the ground you can head off on your own.

    Jean Sylvain
  • Winter activities , Snowmobiling in Quebec , Canada
    Snowmobiling in Quebec

    Snowmobiling is very popular in Quebec, so if you're tempted to give it a go yourself, why not sign up for one of the excursions or treks frequently offered.

    OT Canada
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