• Yukon, Canada
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  • Yukon, Canada
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Out of all the Canadian regions, Yukon without doubt offers visitors the biggest breath of fresh air. Here, nature reigns supreme. It is five times the size of California and has only 40,000 inhabitants, which is five times less than the number of caribou! Located in the far north of Canada, the territory, which is fairly polar, borders the Beaufort Sea and Alaska. People mostly visit the area to relax, take part in extreme sports, see grizzly bears and admire the aurora borealis covering the starry sky. This corner of the world is still relatively unknown, although the region was once overrun with gold diggers. A land of trappers, Yukon continues to promote a sense of freedom, which is personified by great adventurers like Jack London.

Yukon: the key figures

Surface area : 483610.0 km2

Population : 35175 inhabitants

Time difference : There is an 8h time difference between the Yukon and the UK.

  • The guaranteed change of scenery. Nature reigns supreme.
  • You immediately feel as if you are an explorer in search of new territories.
  • There are no direct flights from London. Therefore you must endure a long journey to get to Whitehorse.
  • There are few hotels, and the accommodation is sometimes basic.

Yukon: what to visit?


  • The River Yukon , Canada
    The River Yukon
  • Teslin Lake , Canada
    Teslin Lake
  • The Saint Elias Mountains , Canada
    The Saint Elias Mountains
  • The aurora borealis , Canada
    The aurora borealis
  • The aurora borealis , Canada

Nature Reserves and gardens

  • Kluane National Park , Canada
    Kluane National Park
  • Ivvavick National Park , Canada
    Ivvavick National Park
  • Ivvavick National Park , Canada

The fauna and flora

  • The grizzly bear , Canada
    The grizzly bear
  • The tundra , Canada
    The tundra
  • The Porcupine caribou , Canada
    The Porcupine caribou
  • The Porcupine caribou , Canada

Arts and culture

  • Museums , Canada
  • Fort Selkirk , Canada
    Fort Selkirk
  • The Chilkoot Trail , Canada
    The Chilkoot Trail
  • The Chilkoot Trail , Canada

Yukon: what to buy?

In Yukon, you will find beautiful objects to take back home to remind you of this secluded area. Using materials from the surrounding forests, artisans make things by hand. Therefore you will find many wooden trinkets that will always remind you of the nature here. Likewise, it is possible to buy cultural Indian artifacts, as the area was originally occupied by the American Indians and Inuits.

Yukon: what to eat?

With almost 200,000 caribou in Yukon, it is not surprising that this is a regional speciality in the Canadian province. It is eaten in many different ways, but the locals prefer to cook it on the barbecue. Another popular food is the Yukon Gold potato with yellow flesh, which is a nod to the nuggets that lead to the Gold Rush. Finally, you must try the Arctic char, as its flesh is delicious. Moreover, this fish is suitable for any type of cooking and is good for your health. Apart from this, the cuisine in Yukon is similar to that found in the rest of Canada.

Yukon: main cities

Yukon: travel tips

Yukon can be visited in summer or winter depending on the things you want to do. Those who love hiking and camping will prefer to visit during May and September, while those who like snow-covered peaks and plains can hurtle down the mountain slopes in a dog sled or on skis. There is something for everyone. Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are also very popular. Mount Sima in Whitehorse has a dozen slopes with a vertical drop of over 1,100 feet. Mount McIntyre and Mount Sima were also official sites for the skiing events during the 2007 Canada Winter Games. You should pack warm clothing, and most importantly, don't forget your sun cream and sunglasses, even in winter, as the sun can be strong.

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