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Things to see in Yukon

Do you fancy a total change of scenery? If so, then Yukon is for you. If you dream of seeing reindeer, following in the footsteps of gold diggers and feeling the mystical cold of the tundra, then this is the perfect destination. Bordering Alaska, Yukon is sure to surprise you, no matter what the season. Go on a camping adventure in the forest and watch the night sky to see the magnificent aurora borealis. Excitement is guaranteed!

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The landscapes of Yukon offer amazing surprises. You should therefore take a walk in the mountains and stop for a few moments to observe the view, which is guaranteed to be beautiful. There are also many bodies of water in the region, in particular the Yukon River (which gave its name to the province) and a number of lakes. As your eyes can never see too many beautiful sights, get ready to witness the magnificent aurora borealis at dusk.

Nature Reserves and gardens

The parks in Yukon are large nature reserves offering beautiful landscapes for you to explore during your trip. Kluane National Park and Reserve is one of the most well-known; here you can even see the highest point in Canada. If you definitely want to see herds of wild caribou, however, you should visit Ivvavik National Park. Take camping gear and a camera, and go on an adventure in the middle of the tundra!

The fauna and flora

Nature is abundant in Yukon. Despite the harsh climate, it is inhabited by many species of animal. Reindeer, bears and even wolves share this area, which is covered in snow for a good part of the year, concealing the thorny bushes and other conifers. The forest covers 57 per cent of the territory's surface area. A large number of migratory birds, such as tundra swans and black geese, also visit the Yukon region.

Arts and culture

Yukon is proud of its culture. Although the region is sparsely populated, it has a number of museums and regularly holds exhibitions of both local and non-local works of art. Throughout your stay, you can educate and inform yourself. Why not take a leap back in time and return to the age of the gold rush? Share in the legends of Fort Selkirk and the Chilkoot Trail and be inspired. In addition, you can also enjoy theatres, festivals and dance performances!

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