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Vols secs Exoticca
Vols secs Exoticca
  • South Africa £5399
  • Ecuador £2299
  • Costa Rica £1739
  • Jordan £969
  • Norway £749
Holidays  Southall Travel
Holidays  Southall Travel
  • Dubai £489
  • Mauritius £939
  • Thailand £595
  • Abu Dhabi £425
  • Zanzibar £835
Holidays TUI
Holidays TUI
  • New York  £584
  • Maldives £1065
  • Zanzibar £1136
  • Majorca £567
  • Nessebar £386
Holidays On the Beach
Holidays On the Beach
  • Hurghada £315
  • Punta Cana £1827
  • Malta £634
  • Goa £1137
  • Agadir £204

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Car Hire has never been easier than with Compare the rates of your car rental in just 1 click. Simply choose your destination and the dates of your rental in the search engine above. Leave straight away in complete security. You can pick up your vehicle in your chosen destination, including your holiday destination.

Contrary to other modes of transport like the taxi, car hire offers you numerous advantages. Indeed, you are free to travel around wherever and whenever you wish as soon as you arrive at the station, the airport or in the centre of town. Numerous car rental points are available throughout your route. Therefore, you can take your vehicle back to a different point from where you collected it. All of your mobility problems are resolved thanks to renting a car!

The advantages of renting with

Enjoy the best rates on the net thanks to the exclusive price comparator, and make precious savings! With our car rental offers, keep to your budget and enjoy your holiday.

Things to know about renting

Compare websites

Things to know about renting

All car hire companies are not the same and some are better known in some countries than others. Car hire comparison sites will present you with all the available deals and any promotions in just a few clicks. Compare prices but also take note of where their pick up and drop off points are, the categories of vehicles they deal with, and other factors such as insurance and sat-nav.

Choose the best vehicle for you

If you're staying in the city, a small category (A or B) car should be fine. But if you have to drive long distances while you?re away, something slightly bigger would be more suitable. Equally, if you are planning to undergo any off-road journeys along any tough terrain, opt for a 4x4; even if it means paying a bit more, it will be far more comfortable, but can be expensive if you break down and can take a lot of effort if you are on your own.

Choose a suitable drop off / pick up point

Hiring your car direct from the airport is usually a lot more costly than doing it from within the city. This is okay if the airport is close to the city center, like in Marrakech for example. But if the airport is a long way away, like in Milan, you would be far better off hiring your car for as soon as you get off the plane. The same goes for the return of your vehicle. People usually prefer to leave their car somewhere close to their hotel and then get a shuttle bus back to the airport rather than make a long journey with lots of stops in order to get back again. All comparison sites will display this information, allowing you to make the best choice.

Check your paperwork

Before hiring a car, take the time to read through all your documentation. It is often impossible for under-21s to rent a car. In some countries companies will ask for a certain number of years of driving experience, excluding new drivers completely. Make sure that your license is going to be sufficient as several destinations will ask for an international license (you can apply for one via the Post Office) before you are allowed to hire a car.

Do some research on the country you are going to

In certain places it is almost essential that you hire a car during your stay there. These are generally countries with expansive land masses like the USA, Canada or Australia. However, there are other places where it is perfectly easy to get by using public transport ? especially in towns and cities. Wherever you are travelling, it is essential that you get to know the local road networks, check that it?s wise to be driving in that country or if the traffic is bad. You can forget driving around Shanghai or Bali, for example. In Bali, it is quite common for some locals to run out into the middle of roads and in front of tourist cars, in order to feign being run over and demand immediate compensation. It?s equally unadvisable to drive like you would in the UK in certain destinations across India and Africa, where driving rules are rarely respected.

Be careful with add-on services

All hire companies will offer you additional services such as sat-nav, air conditioning or an automatic gearbox. But ask yourself, do you really need them? It is up to you to decide whether your destination or the journeys you plan to make will require these costly add-ons. This can be done with the help of comparison sites. Be most vigilant when looking at insurance options. There is a huge amount of scope, with insurance prices varying from one car to the other, and even doubling depending on the level of cover you go for. Take the time to read through all the terms and conditions and don?t hesitate to try and negotiate. The money you save on hiring a car can quickly diminish if there is just a slight hiccup or an excess cost.

Have a look at your vehicle before hiring it

Renting a car at low cost can sometimes come with unwanted surprises. Equally in terms of insurance, so make sure the car you choose is covered by your company or credit card (often these will come with personal, travel and / or car insurance). Check inside and out: look for damaged seats, burnt-out ashtrays, weak indicators, scratched bodywork, deflated tires and check how far the petrol tank is filled. Another vital aspect to check is the state of your jack and spare tire ? you don?t want to be breaking down in a no-man?s-land with a broken jack. Make sure any faults are noted down before you take the vehicle or you could be made responsible for repairing them on your return.

Be confident in your driving ability

Lots of foreign countries drive on the right-hand side of the road. Are you sure you will be able to drive on the other side and be able to change gears quickly with your right hand instead of the left? If you have never driven across rough terrain, are you sure you should be driving a 4x4 over sand or mud? All in all, be sure that you will actually be able to drive the car safely and if you are not convinced then perhaps it would be best to hire a chauffeured service, something which is becoming more and more common amongst car hire companies.

Things to know about renting

The minimum age required for to rent a car is usually 21 years.

Generally, you need to have had your driving licence for 2 years.

You can complete your offer with cancellation insurance, a supplementary authorised driver, mileage of your choice, etc.

Don't forget, think green when renting a car .

With the help of the Internet it is now easier than ever to hire a car wherever you go. But with these pointers, you will be sure to find the best deal, thereby avoiding any hidden catches.