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In the Cayman Islands, like in the other Caribbean islands, excursions are not a main component of a trip. All the more, relief in this archipelago is fairly flat and monotonous. However, there are still some excursions of interest.


Those who love to go to the beach will be in their element on the Cayman Islands. You might just think you are in paradise here, with the palm tree-lined beaches with immaculate white sand and crystal-clear water. You can explore some magnificent coral reefs along the coast of Grand Cayman, but if you want a complete change of scenery, leave the west coast and head to Little Cayman, a peaceful little haven with plenty of sunshine and deserted beaches.

The fauna and flora

The archipelago is a real sanctuary for rare animal species, including some which are on the brink of becoming extinct. Inland, a good number of tourist activities revolve around the island's fascinating wildlife. With such a strong concentration of protected natural reserves in such a small area, the island is a haven for nature-lovers.

Arts and culture

The first inhabitants of the Cayman Islands were the Arawak people; Neolithic tribes who practised agriculture, fishing and gathering. They also produced traditional ceramics that were extremely decorated and colourful. The Arawaks were always very attentive to beauty, the arts and everything that had a refined character. They lived in perfect harmony with nature.

Today, the culture on the Cayman Islands is a subtle mix of local traditions and American and British influences. The culture on this archipelago is strongly represented by its many festival and events. Some of the events that are really worth coming for are the carnivals of Batabono and Bacchanal, as well as Pirates Week.

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