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Central African Republic

By Amy Adejokun Amy Adejokun Section editor
In the heart of Africa, the Central African Republic does not attract many tourists. However, with 3 million inhabitants, those who travel to Central African Republic will see for themselves the rich culture. Impressive waterfalls, animal reserves, lush savannah, raised stones on the Bouar plateau and traditional villages along the river are just a few examples of this country's marvels. This is a destination that will be popular with people searching for authenticity both in the scenery and in the culture.

Our Editorial team's advice

Do not go to the Central African Republic without seeing the Boali waterfalls, however, if you would like to make the most of the site quietly, avoid going there at the week-end. The Boali waterfalls, which are higher than the Niagara Falls (10 feet higher), have the advantage of being both spectacular and easily accessible from Bangui. Allow for a one-day excursion (87 miles return), and do not forget to take walking shoes in order to be able to descend to the foot of the falls.


  • +A destination that is off the beaten track.
  • +If you speak a bit of French, it will facilitate the communication.


  • -The climate considerably limits the tourist season.
  • -There are not many possibilities for accommodation.


The Central African Republic specialities consist of cold or dry fish, cooked in a hot sauce with yams or plantains. The most common bush meat is antelope, monkey, and warthog. The tropical fruits are abundant and very tasty, particularly mango and papaya.


The most original craftwork is represented by collages made with butterfly wings. Other souvenirs include decorative objects in ebony, basketwork, and locally-made gold jewellery. There are two good addresses in Bangui: the craftwork village, rue des Flandres, with craftsmen's workshops, and the Perroni shop, in rue du Docteur-Cureau. Shops are open from 8:00am to 12:00pm and from 3:00pm to 7.00pm in the week.

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