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Historical dates

1889: creation of the French post of Bangui
1905: creation of the colony of Oubangui-chari, which becomes an overseas territory in 1946.
1958: The country officially becomes the Central African Republic. The President is David Dacko.
13 August 1960: proclamation of independence
1st January 1966: coup d'état by Jean Bédel Bokassa, who declares himself President-Field Marshall for life.
4 December 1976: Bokassa is crowned Emperor under the name of Bokassa 1st
1979: massacres of schoolchildren. France implements operation "Barracuda" which puts an end to Bokassa's regime.
Mars 1981: the former President, David Dacko, is elected President.
September 1981: The president is overthrown in a coup d'état carried out by André Kolingba, who takes his place.
November 1986: Referendum: Kolingba continues to lead the country for 6 years.
1993: Ange Félix Patassé is elected President.
April-May 1996: mutiny in the army.
January 1997: France's intervention and end of the conflict with the Bangui Agreements.
December 1998: Ange Félix Patassé is re-elected President for 6 years. A serious political, economic and social crisis.
15 March 2003: Crisis in the country after 20 years of pillaging and political and military unrest. Coup d'état.
General François Bozizé, the previous Chief Head of State, sweeps the regime of Ange Félix Patassé from power with the aid of Chad. François Bozizé takes power. Order gradually returns: the violence lessens, the civil servants finally receive their salaries, and the administration is more rigorous.
13 March 2005: Presidential elections. Bozizé puts himself forward.
8 May 2005: Re-election of François Bozizé to the presidency.

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