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Chad : Discover the country's culture






Kaar Kass Sonn (Rap) : Very popular artist in the country.
Ingamadji Mujos (100 % Chadian music).
Achille Baldal (Chadian reggae).
Clément Masdongar (Afro pop).

Chad : Discover the country's history

Historical dates

Cave paintings illustrate human existence since the Neolithic Age.
800. Founding of the Karem kingdom.
XIth century. Conversion of kings to Islam.
XIIIth century. Conquest and expansion of the territory.
XIVth century. Decline of the Empire.
XVIIth century. Emergence of new powers including 3 pro-slave sultanates: Baguirmi, Uaddaï and Darfur.
1890. Lake Chad is shared between the French, Germans and British.
Early XXth century. Exploration and conquest of the territory by the French, Germans and British.
1910. Chad unified with French Equatorial Africa. Development of cotton farming.
1935. French use Chad as military base to conquer the north of Africa.
1946. Houphouët Boigny founds the African Democratic Movement which the Chadian Progressive Party joins. (PPT)
1956. The PTT wins the first elections by universal suffrage.
1959. Proclamation of the Republic within the French Commonwealth.
1960. Proclamation of independence.
1962. President Tumbalbaye institutes policies shunning the Northern muslim populations. The PPT becomes a single party.
1966. Creation of the Chadian National Liberation Front (lFROLINAT: north and centre-east muslims), supported by Sudan. The rebellion begins.
1969. Lybia supports Frolinat and wants to annex the Aozu strip. France fight this rebellion.
1973. Lybia annexes the Aozu strip.
1975. Coup d'Etat in Ndajmena. Felix Molloum takes over power.
1978. Hissène Habbé is appointed Prime Minister.
1979. War stretches to the south of the country. Peace agreements are signed in Kano (Nigeria) in the absence of Lybia. Kamougué becomes Prime Minister under an Interim Government of National Union (IGNU) led by Oueddei.
1980. Lybia invades the north of the country. Oueddei makes Lybia a Chadian ally.
1982. Hissène Habré becomes Chadian Head of State. Oueddei puts up an opposition government in the north, still under Lybian occupation.
1989. A plot is organised and Hissène Habré is thrown out of government. France does not intervene. Deby, the ringleader, imposes a single party.
1992. After a series of riots in the south of the country, Deby appoints a southern Prime Minister and accepts other political parties.
1996. Deby introduces a free expression charter. The first democratic elections crown him President and his party has majority votes during the lesgislative elections of 97.
1998. Southern rebels disarm.
1999. New rebel movement in the north led by Oueddei and Hissene Habré.
2001. Deby wins a second mandate.
Today. Idriss Deby is the President of the Republic. The Prime Minister is Moussa Faki.

Chad : Stay up to date on the country's holidays and events


1 January: New Year's Day.
31 March : Birthday of the Prophet.
April : Easter.
1st May : Labour Day
11 August: Independence Day
13 October: End of Ramadan
1st November All Saints' Day.
28 November: Proclamation of the Republic.
1st December: Freedom and Democracy Day.
25 December: Christmas Day.

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