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The Tibesti is a mountainous region with amazing landscapes: volcanic massifs, deep gorges, "lunar craters", desert lakes, paintings on rocks and prehistoric engravings. The highest Saharan mountains peak here, with summits above 9840 ft. The highest peak is the Emi Koussi, at 11 203 ft. The other, Mount Tusside (10 875 ft), is an ancient volcano that is active, as you can see by the emission of fumarolic gas. Also note that Soborum has therapeutic hotsprings with geysers and hot sulphurous water. The Tubus, one of the most ancient African ethnic groups, settled in the region some 2 500 years ago. They trade with nomadic Carthaginian traders.

  • The Tibesti region, The Tibesti., Landscapes, Chad
    The Tibesti region

    This type of natural monument is very common in the Tibesti region. The water has slowly carved into the rock, giving it the unusual appearance it has today.

    Michael Kerling
  • The inhabitants, The Tibesti., Landscapes, Chad
    The inhabitants

    The Tibesti region is mostly home to the nomadic Toubou clans. There are around fifty or so Toubou clans in the desert, and they are all more or less self-sufficient.

    Dario Menasce licence creative commons
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