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Chad is a great destination for those with an adventurous spirit. Of astounding beauty, the prehistoric dunes and remains found in the Tibesti Desert extend from the north to the south of the country. A relatively flat country, Chad's landscapes range from steppes to savanna, with the south being more rich in vegetation thanks to its tropical forests.

In addition to being gigantic, Chad can also be defined by its isolated nature and distance from the sea. There are five main lakes in the country: Chad, Fitri, Iro, Lere and Tikem, all freshwater and all full of fish.

The fauna and flora

The vegetation can be divided into four different zones. First, in the south the country is covered in forests that thin out as you get closer to the villages. In the centre is the Sahelian zone, with wooded and herbaceous savannas. In the north, the desert turns into steppes. Most of the trees are scraggly and prickly and start to disappear as you get closer to the north, where the vegetation is limited to what is found in the palm groves.

Of Chad's nearly 3,000 mi² of listed forests, which are full of a large variety of animal species, its national parks cover 1,600 mi² of them. The country has six wildlife reserves that make up 9% of the land.

During a visit to Chad you are sure to see many troops of nomadic dromedaries and small ruminants. Zakouma National Park is home to hippos, antelopes, elephants and a wide variety of birds.

Arts and culture

Chad is a gold mine for artists. Rich with exceptional nature and authentic traditions, Chad is a mix of variety and uniqueness, myths and tradition, and beauty and simplicity.

The different ethnic groups that make up the population of Chad have, over time, enriched the country's culture and arts, with each one adding its own specific know-how, traditions and artisanry. One of the richest in Africa, Chad's culture is one of the main reasons why tourists come here. Music and dance are part of the everyday life and are used to express one's self and communicate. The traditional ceremonies are rich in colours, masks and statues. Even if the art of painting is still relatively new here, several artists from Chad have been able to make a name for themselves beyond the country's borders. Works by other, lesser known artists can be discovered in the country's three museums: N'Djamena, Sarh and Abéché.

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