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Cheap travel: ideas and advice from our travel experts

Easyvoyage: compare cheap holidays

Save money! Easyvoyage searches for the best cheap travel deals available online. Whether it's a flight, hotel or a holiday package, our search engine allows you to compare all the prices offered by different tour operators. Go on holiday at low prices!

Find a flight for less

Find a flight for less

Finding a flight at the best price requires discipline and a few tricks. Today, the Internet offers up a huge amount of possibilities, allowing you to make the best choice. The best thing to do is to start with a flight comparison website which puts all the offers available on the market in perspective. Next, booking through a low-cost company, travelling during the week or in low season, surfing the Internet for good deals, etc., are all clever ways to fly for less.
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Low Cost Flights

Low-cost is an economic concept. It offers lower than average prices for flights.
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Charter flights are often subject to restricted conditions of use, unusual flight times and tickets that are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.
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Book in advance

With First Minute reductions, it is possible to save a lot of money by booking very early.
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Purchase directly at the airport

The Internet is a mine of last minute deals, which can open up doors to some of the biggest hotels and palaces in the world, for half the regular price.
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Deals: flights and accomodation

  • Holidays

    • new york  £584
    • maldives £1065
    • zanzibar £1136
    • majorca £567
    • nessebar £386
  • Holidays

    On the Beach
    • hurghada £315
    • punta cana £1827
    • malta £634
    • goa £1137
    • agadir £204
  • Vols secs

    • south africa £5399
    • ecuador £2299
    • costa rica £1739
    • jordan £969
    • norway £749
  • Holidays

     Southall Travel
    • dubai £489
    • mauritius £939
    • thailand £595
    • abu dhabi £425
    • zanzibar £835

Getting around for less

Getting around for less

Without having to go to extremes, there are a number of tricks to travelling more freely for less, all while meeting new people along the way.
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Carsharing is the communal and organised use of a car by a non-professional driver and one or more passengers, with the purpose of making the same trip.
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Not exactly the most cost-effective solution, but this does depend on the country you are in and on the currency.
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Many formulas are available in the world of rail travel, such as the Inter-Rail pass, which allows you to travel at your leisure for a flat fee (calculated on a fixed number of travel days).
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Prague for 54; it's certainly worth thinking about! (Eurolines, among others). However, you will need to have a lot of free time since the trip is generally pretty long (20h for London-Prague).
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Shuttle buses

This is the cheapest way of getting from the airport to the city centre or seaside resort. They can transfer between 20 and 60 passengers and generally circulate every 10-20 minutes.
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It is not recommended in numerous countries for safety reasons and should really only be done if your vehicle breaks down or if you are out of money.
Hitchhiking : Find out more

Hiring a car

Hiring a car is a service which allows customers to benefit from the freedom of having a vehicle for a given period, ranging from a few hours to several months.
Hiring a car : Find out more

Accommodations for less

Accommodations for less

There are all kinds of possibilities available, from a free bed to one that only celebrities can afford. Whether you opt for a homestay, camping or some other form of paid accommodation, there is no lack of options to satisfy all tastes and cultures.
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To do a homestay, you must register on a free accommodation network on the Internet. This opens up your home to travellers passing through, who are also members of the network.
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A rapidly rising trend! Camping is gaining more and more supporters who, not too confident with a 3mm-thick roof, have the choice of staying in a chalet, bungalow or caravan. More and more camping sites are offering these options, for a very reasonable price.
Camping : Find out more

Youth hostels

For Hostelling International hostels you must have a card, but you can obtain one on the spot (10-16 depending on your age). In exchange, you receive a guide of all of the HI hostels around the world.
Youth hostels : Find out more

Bed & breakfasts

B&Bs are still a very worthwhile option. Moreover, staying at one pushes you to make more effort to converse in the language of the country you are in, seeing as most of them are run by the owners who hire out a room or two to make ends meet.
Bed & breakfasts : Find out more

Renting an apartment

If you are travelling as a group, renting is the best option. Rental agencies have extended their services across all of Europe and even around the world. Have a look at holiday-rentals.co.uk, homelidays.co.uk...
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House exchanges

You can't imagine the joy that your several square metres in London, Liverpool or Edinburgh will bring to others! In the eyes of an Australian, for example, they are like a mini Buckingham Palace! In exchange, you will often be rewarded with an even more spacious home possibly overlooking the Sydney Harbour or San Francisco Bay. It has become a common, and trustworthy, practice. For more information, visit homeexchange.com, houseexchange.org.uk, and homelink.org.uk, among others.
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The most dynamic network of its kind, "Couchsurfing" connects nearly 3 million subscribers in 230 different countries (the website is translated into 19 languages by its members). After Americans, it is the French who are most willing to give up their couches. With 256,000 members, the city with the largest number of resident couchsurfers is currently Paris.
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Last minute hotel deals

Finally, if luxury tickles your fancy, the Internet is a mine of last minute deals, which can open up doors to some of the biggest hotels and palaces in the world, for half the regular price.
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Going on holiday for less

Going on holiday for less

If you don't feel like having to organise everything, go for the "ready to go" formula: holidays and visits of the main attractions organised by classic tour operators and resold on the Internet.
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The logical definition of an all-inclusive formula is that the entire cost of your holiday coincides with the indicated price. The basic principle is that holidaymakers are able to control their budget by knowing ahead of time exactly what the costs will be. Guests are entirely taken care of and do not have to worry about any unexpected expenses.
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Full board

A hotel or holiday club package that includes accommodation and all of your meals.
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A hotel package that includes an overnight stay and lunch or dinner.
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Last Minute and Early Bookers

The principle is the same as for flights only. Both of the formulas offer generous savings and plenty of deals. In the case of Early Booking, tour operators try to sell holiday packages as early as possible, months before the scheduled departures. To do so, they offer a small discount on the package.
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Special offers

Normally it means that the customer saves money. In terms of travel, they usually spring up at the beginning of the season, at the end of the season and especially as the departure date approaches.
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