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Easter Island Chile
Amy Adejokun
Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover Easter Island

Located 2300 miles from the Chilean coast, Easter Island is one of the country's symbols. 1000 monoliths (moaïs) have been fixed here for eternity, stone faces whose origin is still unknown. Flights from Peru, Tahiti and Santiago (all quite expensive: budget for £462 return) allow you to reach this volcanic island where it is warm and mild all year round. As many tourists see Easter Island as an obscure place that is difficult to get to, it is still relatively quiet compared to other destinations in mainland Chile.

The island's coastline is lined with Moai and Ahu sites and ruins which are all free to visit. The island also has several hidden coves and undiscovered caves - the majority of which can be found near Ana Kekanga. These caves should only be explored by those who have some caving experience as conditions inside are dark, slippery and sometimes steep.

Scuba diving and snorkeling are also possible - the best locations being the islets Motu Nui and Motu Iti to the south. Here you will find the largest single coral unit in the world, tropical fish, large sea turtles and sunken Moais.

Easter Island

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