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Puerto Montt is the gateway to Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego. The southernmost road in the world begins here with a backdrop of forest, fjords, steppes, waterfalls and glaciers. From Puerto Natales, you can depart on an expedition to the Balmaceda and Serrano glaciers and to the national park of Torres del Paine, classified as a biosphere reserve by Unesco.

The Patagonian based Tour Company Big Foot offers treks on Glacier Grey, one of Chile's most impressive glaciers measuring over 168 square miles. Alternatively, to see the glaciers from sea level, several companies run day long boat tours from Puerto Chacabuco. These are a little pricey (usually around 190pp) but this includes three meals, an open bar, and the chance to sail up-close to the glacier in a smaller boat. You can book boat trips with Patagonia Connection.

  • The glaciers , Chile
    The glaciers
    Stefan Lundgren / age fotostock
  • The glaciers , Chile
    The glaciers
  • The glaciers , Chile
    The glaciers
  • The glaciers , Chile
    The glaciers
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