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A corner of the earth that is growing continuously and being the world's most populous country, China is a diverse and exciting country to visit. With a whole host of information on the web concerning travelling to China, we've picked out a selection of blogs that portray the history and beauty of this vast country.
  • Adventure
    Wild China

    [ Wild China ]

    by Various
    Comments: Some well-written blogs from travellers discovering their adventurous side in China.  Strong point: A well-organised blog site with a nice layout.
  • Food

    [ Slurp! ]

    by Suzanne Guan
    Comments: Slurp! is an inside look at the best restaurants in Hong Kong. Guan writes with such passion about her food that your stomach will growl with hunger!  Strong point: Her photos are stunning and show you exactly what to expect.
  • Photos
    Welcome to China

    [ Welcome to China ]

    by Rod L'Huillier
    Comments: Written by an Aussie, Rod L'Huillier provides some useful information for other travellers heading to see the wonders of China.  Strong point: Some personal thoughts and experiences are shared.
  • Explore
    Going to China

    [ Going to China ]

    by admin
    Comments: Some musings on Chinese music, style, food and towns from someone who is passionate about the country.  Strong point: A good starting point for learning more about Chinese culture.
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