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Emperor Qin's buried army China
By Amy Adejokun Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover Emperor Qin's buried army

The famous terracotta army of 6,000 soldiers and horses buried 2,000 years ago and discovered intact in 1974 is 22 miles from Xi'an. It was all built for the tomb of Emperor Qin, who unified China.

Emperor Qin's buried army

Emperor Qin's buried army , Pit n°1 , China
Pit n°1

The Mausoleum of Emperor Qin stretches out over nearly 22 mi˛. Pit n°1 is part of archaeological discoveries made here.

© Vladimir Zhuravlev / 123RF
Emperor Qin's buried army , Miles of sculptures , China
Miles of sculptures

Other pits were discovered miles from the burial mounds holding the remains of the emperor.

© Stephen Tapply / age fotostock
Emperor Qin's buried army , Debates over the origins of the army , China
Debates over the origins of the army

According to a Chinese architect, the soldiers of the buried army did not belong to the emperor but to the army of his great-great-grandmother.

© IMAGEMORE / age fotostock
Emperor Qin's buried army , Individualisation of the figurines , China
Individualisation of the figurines

Most of the soldiers are made from terracotta. To personalise their faces, clay touches were added.

© IMAGEMORE / age fotostock
Emperor Qin's buried army , A complete army , China
A complete army

The terracotta soldiers were arranged according to rank. Therefore, you will find simple infantrymen but also officers and even acrobats.

© IMAGEMORE / age fotostock
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