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Hainan has everything you would imagine a tropical island to have. The coast is lined with beautiful white sandy beaches where rows of coconut trees provide shade. It is the perfect place for those who love lazing around. It is also a great place for those looking for nature, as there are almost 579 miČ of rainforest in the centre of the island. At the heart of this forest, you will find thousands of plant and tree species, as well as hundreds of colourful birds. As for the cities, they have all the aspects of major cities. The villages that are found while trekking inland are more interesting.

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The discovery of Hainan begins with coastal landscapes, where white sandy beaches stretch along the coastline. Going further inland, travellers are greeted with a completely different scene. There is a vast rainforest that covers 579 miČ. Above the treetops, rocky mountain peaks appear, from which a few rivers flow into the sea. Hikers will also come across lakes while walking through the centre of the island.


As it is an island, Hainan is surrounded by coastline that plunges into the East China Sea and the Gulf of Tonkin. Most cities are located right on the coast, but there are also miles of idyllic beaches. These stretches of white sand are often lined with rows of coconut trees leaning towards the sea.

The fauna and flora

The centre of Hainan Island is composed of a vast rainforest that is inhabited by thousands of species. There are almost 5,000 types of plants, including a very particular species of yellow chilli. There are also 570 types of animals, including many birds, many monkeys and even a species of leopard cat endemic to Hainan.


As in the rest of China, Hainan has several monuments that are protected due to their historical and cultural importance. The Tomb of Hai Rui, the Temple of Five Lords and Xiuying Fort benefit from this protection programme and are among the most visited places on the island. They are of particular importance to the Chinese people, but they are also interesting for foreigners who come to explore Hainan.

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