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The province of Inner Mongolia - not to be confused with its northern neighbour Mongolia - occupies the far north of China. Like Tibet and Xinjiang, this independent region of the People's Republic of China has a special status. It is covered by vast steppes, where the famous nomadic tribe of Mongols ride their horses. A must-do for travellers in Inner Mongolia is sleeping in a yurt, as is the tradition! The province is also home to part of the famous Gobi Desert and its sand dunes, which are almost 100m high! You can travel to this remote region on an overnight train from Beijing, and must-see places in the area include Hohhot, the capital of the province, Dongsheng, a stopover city on the way to the Mausoleum of Genghis Khan, and even Manzhouli, which borders Russia and is close to the beautiful Dalai Lake.

Inner Mongolia: the key figures

Surface area : 1183000.0 km2

Population : 23100000 inhabitants

Time difference : Mongolia is 8 hours ahead of the UK in winter and 7 hours in summer.

  • The traditional way of life in the steppes
  • Inner Mongolia is less crowded with tourists and has managed to keep its authenticity, which is very apparent when you visit the area.
  • The Gobi Desert
  • The region is difficult to access
  • There is tension between the smaller Mongolian community and the larger Han community

Inner Mongolia: what to visit?


  • The Gobi Desert , China
    The Gobi Desert
  • The steppes , China
    The steppes
  • Harsu Lake , China
    Harsu Lake
  • Harsu Lake , China

The fauna and flora

  • The fauna , China
    The fauna
  • The flora , China
    The flora
  • The flora , China

Arts and culture

  • The mausoleum of Genghis Khan , China
    The mausoleum of Genghis Khan
  • The temples , China
    The temples
  • The temples , China


  • The nomads , China
    The nomads
  • The festivals , China
    The festivals
  • The festivals , China

Inner Mongolia: what to buy?

In Inner Mongolia, you can buy traditional costumes, silk, leather and wool garments, fur hats, rugs, cashmere and paintings to take back home.

Inner Mongolia: what to eat?

: In winter, you must definitely try the Mongolian hot pot, which is of Muslim origin: each person cooks their own vegetables and thin slices of mutton in a very hot broth. Inner Mongolia's culinary specialities include grilled mutton, boiled mutton, mare's milk and milk tea. Another speciality not to be missed is the Mongolian barbecue, which consists of two varieties: horhog and boodog.

Inner Mongolia: main cities

Inner Mongolia: travel tips

The capital Hohhot has many youth hostels that offer cheap accommodation in Inner Mongolia. You should ask for advice while there on how to arrange a horse riding trip through the steppes and spending a night in a yurt, as the Mongols do! To get to Hohhot from Beijing, you can choose between taking the night train (which is cheap but not very comfortable and takes a long time) or a one hour flight.

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