Things to see in Sichuan

There are many reasons to visit Sichuan. Some choose to go for the hiking and to explore the rich biodiversity of the province, while wildlife enthusiasts can go in search of the giant pandas that live in the mountain forests. Others may prefer to explore the cities such as Chengdu, where the majority of the population live. The most remarkable monuments are spread across the region. The Leshan Giant Buddha, for example, is one of these wonders that should not be missed. Speaking generally, Sichuan is a region of spectacular landscapes, which never cease to amaze.

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Sichuan's rich culture and heritage are undeniable and attract many tourists every year. The region has many temples and representations of Buddha, which never fail to amaze visitors. The Leshan Giant Buddha is the most popular monument with tourists.

The fauna and flora

Given Sichuan's remote location and rugged terrain, it has a rich fauna and flora. Environmental measures are regularly taken to protect the dense forests that cover the valleys.


The world-renowned spicy Szechuan flavours never cease to amaze those who try them. Szechuan cuisine is one of eight major culinary styles of Chinese cuisine.

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