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The Ganden monastery China
Amy Adejokun
Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover The Ganden monastery

The Ganden monastery is 30 miles east of Lhasa. Built in 1409 by the great monk Tsongkhapa (founder of the Gelugpa order, the Red Hats), Ganden looks like an eagle's nest. The Red Guards forced the monks to demolish it themselves, and then the Chinese decided to restore it, at least partially, to be identical. The site itself is worth a one-day visit, by taking the first bus in the morning at 6.00 AM to Lhasa.

The Ganden monastery

The Ganden monastery , China
The religious centre

The Ganden Monastery is one of the three great religious and cultural centres of Buddhism of the Gelug School, along with those of Drepung and Sera.

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The Ganden monastery , China
The Ganden Monastery, Tibet

The Ganden monastery is one of the 'great three' Gelukpa university monasteries of Tibet, located at the top of Wangbur Mountain.

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The Ganden monastery , China
Ganden, Tibet

The monastery is located at an altitude of 4,300m.

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The Ganden monastery , China
Ganden Monastery, Tibet

Its full name is Ganden Namgyal Ling; 'Ganden' meaning 'joyful'.

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