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Buses leaving from 6:00 am facilitate an independent visit to the Great Wall, in Badaling; the restored part that is extremely frequented to the point of becoming a real boulevard. Badaling is 46 miles from the city centre. The history of this wall is not told; it was erected from the 5th century BC to contain the threat of invasion by the Mongols, however in the end it was hardly used. Under the Ming dynasty it extended over more than 4,030 miles to the sea. Several other sites are accessible to visitors such as Mutianyu, which is 56 miles away to the north-east. This site has also been subjected to excessive tourism. Less frequented (up to now...) as it was opened more recently and is still being restored is the site of Simatai, 70 miles from the centre of Beijing. Some thirteen miles involve impressive slopes at 70% and a cable car. Those who get vertigo, beware!

  • The Great Wall , China
    The Great Wall

    Construction began in the 5th century B.C. to contain the threat of Mongol invasion, though in the end it was never actually used.

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  • The Great Wall , At altitude , China
    At altitude

    Set amid the greenery

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  • The Great Wall , Breathtaking views , China
    Breathtaking views

    For a stretch of some 12 miles there are some spectacular 70% drops which can even be appreciated by cable car! Not recommended for those who don't like heights!

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  • The Great Wall , China
    The Great Wall of Wonders

    The Great Wall is known as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World.

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  • The Great Wall , China
    Sunset over the Great Wall

    The Great Wall of China is the largest human construction in the world.

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  • The Great Wall , China
    The Great Wall in winter

    The Great Wall is one of the most visited sites in China. Balading and Mutianyu are two of the most visited sections of the Great Wall.

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