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  • The fifth largest urban area in Colombia, and a popular tourist destination; many flock to visit its colonial walled city and fortress, which were designated a UNESCO site
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  • Traces of the city's colonial period can still be seen in its architecture. The Palace of the Inquisition and the clock tower are excellent examples of this.
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  • A city once inhabited by pirates, Cartagena still boasts many colourful buildings.
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  • With 7 million inhabitants, the capital of Colombia is a thriving metropolis composed of many different districts.
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  • The Bocagrande seaside resort is one of the city's more modern districts.
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  • In order to protect the city from plundering, defensive walls had to be built. Today they are visited by countless tourists.
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  • The town is bordered by both coastal and pre-coastal mountain ranges.
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  • Cartagena has been inhabited for over two millennia, living its heyday during the Roman Empire.
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  • Its streets and squares bear witness to its rich history.
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  • The city if guarded by the forts of Las Galerias and San Julian which are situated on steep rocky promontories.
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  • The city of Cartagena is located by the Mediterranean coast in the Region of Murcia.
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  • Going back as far as the 16th century this has been one of the most important naval ports in Spain.
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  • Cartagena, the
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Amy Adejokun
Amy Adejokun Expert destination Colombia

Cartagena, the "Andalusian" city, is very beautiful. Founded in 1533, this old city of pirates and smugglers has preserved several colonial buildings, such as the Saint Francis Monastery, the residence of the Marquis of Valdehoyos, or the Aduana Square. You must not miss the spectacle of the city from its ramparts or a relaxing stop on Bocagrande beach.

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Cartagena: the key figures

Surface area : 1139000.0 km2

Population : 44000000 inhabitants

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