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Colombia : Discover the country's culture


Living to Tell the Tale by Gabriel Garcia-Marquez (Nobel Prize for Literature) and Annie Morvan.
A Hundred Years of Solitude, Love and other Demons, Memories of my Melancholy Whores by Gabriel Garcia-Marquez.

The Rage in My Heart by Ingrid Betancourt.


Colombia Lonely Planet.


Each region has its own rhythms: merecumbé, porro, mapalé, currulao, cumbia , vallenato, bambuco (region of the Colombian Andes), passillo, vals, bunde, guabina, sanjuanero, joropo, galeron. The musical instruments used are drums (African influence), the harp, the "cuatro" (small four-stringed guitar) of European origin, and the accordion (with artists such as Antonio Rivas and Robert Santiago). 
Titles and albums :
El Mondo and El Boa by Sonora Santenera
A Mover la Colita by Sonara Dinamita
Juana la cubana by Fito Olivares
Sal y Agua by Los Vallenatos
Como te Voy a Olvidar by Los Angeles Azules
Caballito de Palo by Aniceto Molina
Pacanto, by Toto La Monposina.

Colombia : Discover the country's history

Historical dates

1500 BC: Appearance of first great civilisations: San Agustin, Muisca, Tairona, Sinu.
1533: Pedro de Herredia founded Calamari, the current Cartagena. 1538 : Foundation of Santa Fé de Bogota.
1539: Revolt by Indians led by Tundama, and defeat at the Battle of the "Pantanos de la Guerra".
1811: 11th November, the province of Cartagena proclaimed its independence.
1819: Victory of Santander and Bolivar, creation of Great Colombia (Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador).
1830: Ecuador and Venezuela separated from Great Colombia.
1886: Creation of the Republic of Colombia; Rafael Nunez became President.
1904: The country slided toward dictatorship.
1970: Strike by students, bloody repression by army, beginning of drug trafficking, intensification of guerrilla movements.
1983: Popayan was devastated by an earthquake.
1985: Eruption of the Nevado del Ruiz; Armero destroyed: 25,000 dead.
1994: Election of Samper, liberal, accused of having benefited from the support of drug traffickers to finance his presidential campaign.
1998: Election of the Conservative Andres Pastrana to the presidency of the Republic.
2002: End of the peace process begun in 1999 with the FARC guerrillas. On 24 February, Ingrid Betancourt, an ecologist candidate for the Presidential elections, was kidnapped by the FARC. Alvaro Uribe was elected President of the Republic.

Colombia : Stay up to date on the country's holidays and events


1st January: New Year.
6th January: Epiphany. January: Black and White Carnival in Popayan. February-March: Barranquilla Carnival. March: International festival of Caribbean music
19th March: St Joseph.
26th March: Easter Thursday.
25th March: Good Friday. 1st May: Labour Day.
5th May: Ascension.
26th May: Corpus Christi.
17th June: The Feast of the Sacred Heart.
29th June: Saint Peter and Saint Paul.
20th July: Independence Day.
7th August: Battle of Boyacá.
15th August: Assumption.
12th October: Christopher Columbus Day.
1st November: All Saints Day.
11th November: Independence of Cartagena.
24th November: Thanksgiving. December: National Festival of Folklore and Tourism
8th December: Immaculate Conception.
25th December: Christmas. Note: Public holidays falling on a weekday are generally observed the following Monday.

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