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Arts and culture

Colombian culture was more or less ignored and really just a concept, especially in the literary domain, until the 19th century.
A multiracial society, the indigenous, African and Spanish influences can be felt all over the country.
The best-known music is the cumbia, which was inspired by the melodies of African slaves from the Atlantic coast and then blended with those of the local indigenous groups. The cumbia is based on drums and a fixed rhythm, punctuated by flutes and ocarinas.
The ethnic crossbreeding is expressed in the traditions, the artisanry, the gastronomy and art in general. The 87 indigenous tribes who live in Colombia all help in the conservation of the multi-cultural and multi-ethnic heritage while at the same time continuing with the development of their own artistic trades.

The fauna

The diversity of the animal and plant species is impressive.
After Madagascar and Brazil, Columbia has the most animal species in the world and is the leading one when it comes to birds. 1,700 species are represented here, including the Andean condor. There are also more than 165,000 butterfly species, reptiles, amphibians and all kinds of tropical fish. The Pacific, Amazon and Orinoco regions are the true sanctuaries of Colombia's biodiversity. Monkeys, armadillos, spectacled bears, capybaras (the largest rodent on the planet) and jaguars all live here.
As for the flora, Colombia is a paradise for botanists, with more than 130,000 plant species and 50,000 flower species, including 3,000 varieties of orchids.
36 national parks and 15 protected areas have been created by the government of Columbia with the goal of protecting this exceptional biodiversity.

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