Cookies policy

Last updated: 10/06/2020.

Definition of cookies

This section is dedicated to our Privacy Policy. It provides information on the origin and use of the browser information processed when visiting our Website and on your rights. This Policy is thus important for both you, in the interest of having a positive and confident experience of our Services, and us, so as to be able to provide you with precise answers regarding your visit of our Website and to take your wishes into account.

When consulting our Website, information relative to how you browse our Website on your terminal (computer, tablet or Smartphone, etc.), as well as that relating to your profile, is susceptible to being recorded in files called "Cookies" installed on your terminal, subject to the options you have chosen concerning Cookies and which you can modify at any time.

A cookie is a small text file sent from a Website and stored in a User's Web browser on their terminal (computer, tablet or Smartphone) when visiting this Website.

A cookie does not make it possible to recognise a particular user or to record personal data such as your name, e-mail or mailing address, and bank information unless you have filled in this information on a form on our Website.

A cookie cannot carry viruses and cannot cause damage of any kind to your device but it does allow you to benefit from certain functions on our Website: for example, it allows you to make comparisons and return to pages on which you have made a previous search. It also helps us to keep our Website safe, to remember your preferred choices (destinations, dates, searches carried out, etc.), and to personalise the contents of our Website in a way that it is best adapted to you. A cookie created by our Website cannot be read by another Website.

The different types of cookies

Some cookies are sent by the EASYVOYAGE server and others are sent by its partners; these are called “third-party cookies”.


EASYVOYAGE installs cookies on your terminal when you visit our Website so as to make browsing easier, to memorise searches you have already done, to learn your interests, and to send you personalised and promotional offers.

Our online functions were specially developed to work using cookies; they are vital to the navigation of our entire Site.

List of the essential cookies:

  • __55ft
  • esvCodeClient
  • ev_SID
  • easyCookie
  • easyCookieNav

A cookie file allows EASYVOYAGE, during its period of validity, to recognise your terminal every time you access digital content containing EASYVOYAGE cookies.

Likewise, cookies are used to collect information that will make it easier to navigate on our website, recognise your terminal, and collect data from your personalised searches or that are specific to you and which you have voluntarily provided by completing a specific form.

EASYVOYAGE also uses cookies for compiling statistics relative to the public using its Website based on their browsing patterns.

List of analytical cookies:

  • Google Analytics

We are likely to adapt deals and advertisements aimed at you to information relative to how our Website is browsed on your terminal.

To the extent that you have provided personal information, notably your electronic contact details, when registering for or accessing one of our services, we are likely to, subject to your choices, associate the browsing information relative to your terminal, processed by the cookies we transmit, with this personal data so that we may send you, for example, electronic commercial messages or to display personalised advertisements aimed specifically at you, in advertising spaces containing cookies transmitted by us, because they are likely to interest you .

You can ask us at any time to no longer receive advertisements or commercial messages adapted to the browsing information collected on your terminal by contacting us directly and for free, or by clicking on the unsubscribe option in all of the commercial messages we may to send you via email. The advertisements that you may continue to receive, unless you have made it otherwise known to us, will then no longer be adapted to how you browse on your terminal, or to your personal profile.

Furthermore, should we be planning to obtain information from a third party (targeted advertising service providers, advertising agencies, etc.) concerning the browsing practices on your terminal in order to associate it with personal data you have provided us with, we will solicit your prior explicit approval before proceeding with such an association and sending you advertisements or unsolicited commercial messages resulting from it.

EASYVOYAGE’s goal is to present the most relative advertisements possible. To this end, cookies technology makes it possible to determine which advertisement to display on your terminal in real time, in relation to your recent browsing history on our Website, the location of your terminal, the personal data that you will have provided, and your centres of interest deduced from previous browses.

Your interest for the advertising content displayed on your terminal when using our Website determines EASYVOYAGE’s advertising resources allowing it to exploit its services provided free of charge. Thanks to cookies, EASYVOYAGE is able to display advertisements corresponding to your interests on its Website, as opposed to advertisements of no interest to you. Likewise, advertisers are interested in having their advertisements displayed to users who are most likely to be interested by these offers.

List of advertising cookies:

  • SmartAdServer
  • Google AdSense

Third-party cookies

Our Website, our applications and our newsletters are likely to contain cookies transmitted by our partners (advertising agencies, audience measurement companies, targeted advertising service providers, etc.) and allowing them, during the validity period of these cookies, to:

  • collect browsing information relative to your terminal;
  • to calculate how many times advertising content is displayed via advertising spaces, and to identify the advertisements thus displayed and the number of users having clicked on each advertisement, altogether allowing them to calculate the totals resulting from this fact and to establish statistical data;
  • to recognise your terminal when browsing on an entirely different site or service on which advertisers also transmit cookies and, when possible, to adapt these sites and third-party services or the advertisements either displayed on the site or sent by email to the browsing practices on your terminal, which they may have knowledge of;
  • to match the information relative to your browsing and/or your profile, collected during your visit to the EASYVOYAGE website, with any information they may already hold on you, the use of which you would have given your explicit permission to one of their partners (advertisers, third parties...), allowing them, on your behalf, to communicate by any electronic (email, applications, SMS) or traditional (post) method, providing that you had given prior permission for your personal information to be used in this way.
  • to determine the advertising content likely to correspond to your interests, which will have been determined from previous browses on your terminal.

List of third-party cookies:

  • Adara
  • Bluekai
  • Captify
  • Exelate
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Krux
  • Litmus
  • LiveRamp : LiveRamp may drop a cookie on your browser or directly in our emails and match your shared information to their on- and offline marketing databases and those of its advertising partners to create a link between your browser and information in those other databases. This link may be shared by our partners globally for the purpose of enabling interest-based content or advertising throughout your online experience (e.g. cross device, web, email and in app etc.) by third parties unaffiliated with our website. These third parties may in turn link further demographic or interest-based information to your browser. You have the right to exercise your rights under GDPR, including opting out of LiveRamp's Cookie, by clicking on this link:
  • Oracle
  • Sirdata: Sirdata specialises in data marketing and enables its Customers to target users with relevant offers that match their areas of interest. Data collected by Sirdata is retained for a limited time of 365 days, bases on the processing purpose, in accordance with the regulations in effect and the principle of data minimisation. Find out more
  • Tradelab
  • Twitter
  • Travel Audience
  • Zeotap

EASYVOYAGE does not have any control over its partners? cookies but does demand that they respect the law and especially the obligations relative to the access and protection of personal data set out by law n78-17 of 6 January 1978 on Information Technology, Data Files And Civil Liberties.

In addition, we suggest you have a look at the Websites of these third parties for more information on the cookies they record and how you can manage them.

Authorisation to receive cookies


There are several possibilities for managing cookies. Any configurations that you make are likely to modify how you browse the Internet and your access conditions to services that require the use of cookies.

You can choose to express and modify your wishes regarding cookies at any time, through the methods described here below.

Firstly, edit your preferences about how our partners' cookies use your information by clicking this link: Edit my preferences.

You can configure your browser software so that cookies are registered in your terminal or, on the contrary, that they be rejected, either systematically or depending on the issuer. You can also configure your browser software in a way that you are regularly asked if you accept or refuse the cookies, before they can be registered on your terminal.

Every browser allows for the possibility to refuse cookies; if you wish to do so, you must follow the steps specific to your browser:

  • In Google Chrome
    In the drop-down menu located in the top right-hand corner represented by the “?” symbol (“Control and customise Google Chrome”), select “Settings” and at the bottom of the page click on “Show advanced settings”; Under the “Privacy” heading, click on the button “Content settings”; you can now manage your cookies.
  • In Internet Explorer 9
    In the drop-down menu located in the top right-hand corner represented by the “?” symbol (“Tools”), choose “Internet options” and click on the “Privacy” tab, then choose a setting for the Internet zone as regards the selection of cookies and possibly also indicate your preferences by clicking on the “Sites” and “Advanced” options.
  • In Mozilla Firefox
    In the menu appearing at the bottom of the page, click on “Settings”, then choose the “Privacy” tab; In the “History” section, click on the “Use custom settings for history” drop-down menu and choose “Use custom settings for history”, then click on the desired boxes to manage the cookies.
  • In Safari 5.1.7
    In the drop-down menu located in the top right-hand corner represented by the “?” symbol (“General Safari settings”), click on “Preferences...”, and then the “Privacy” tab, which will allow you to authorise or block cookies.

The cookies belonging to beneficiaries and partners of EASYVOYAGE each have their individual charters. To find out more about them, to adjust the settings based on your personal preferences, or to block them altogether, please follow the links below:


If you have accepted that cookies be registered on your terminal’s software browser, the cookies integrated into the pages you have consulted may be temporarily stored in a space dedicated to your terminal. There only the issuer of the cookies will be able to consult them (EASYVOYAGE or one of its partners).

If you refuse to have cookies saved on your terminal, or if you delete those that were previously registered, you will no longer be able to benefit from certain functions that are nevertheless necessary for browsing some parts of our Website. Such will be the case if you try to access our contents or services that require users to identify themselves. It will also be the case when we or our partners cannot recognise, for technical compatibility purposes, the type of browser used by your terminal, its language and display settings, or the country which your terminal appears to be connected in.

Should this be the case, we are not liable for any consequences resulting from the degraded operating conditions of our services due to it being impossible for us to register or consult the cookies required for them to function, and which you have refused or deleted.


The data collected by the EASYVOYAGE cookies are retained for a period that varies according to the nature of the cookie, namely:

  • temporary cookies, or “session cookies” are deleted as soon as you disconnect from our Website; indeed, the session is equal to the duration of time the User spends browsing our Website,
  • the other cookies, called “persistent cookies” are kept by EASYVOYAGE for a period of twelve months.

If your terminal is used by others or when one terminal has several browsers, we cannot fully guarantee that the services and advertisements aimed at your terminal correspond exactly to your own use of this terminal and not another user of the same terminal.

Should this be the case, sharing the use of your terminal and the configuration of your browser’s settings in regards to cookies is a matter of personal choice and entirely your responsibility.