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National Park of Tortuguero Costa Rica
Margot Millier
Margot Millier Section editor

Discover National Park of Tortuguero

Accessible by plane or by boat, the ?Small Amazonia' or Tortuguero National Park is a domain made of canals and rivers, located in the Caribbean zone. A boat crossing will allow you to observe small crocodiles, sloths and turtles. Come to Tortuguero beach for the turtle egg laying season, from July to December.

National Park of Tortuguero

Ecotourism in Tortuguero

This preserved site attracts many tourists every year.

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A sea turtle

Between May and October, thousands of turtles come to the Tortuguero beaches at night to lay their eggs.

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The birds of Tortuguero National Park

The park is home to over 300 species of multicoloured birds.

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A frog in Tortuguero park

The park can be discovered by navigating a boat over the canals or by hiking in the jungle.

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A preserved environment

There are no roads leading to Tortuguero. It can only be accessed by boat or small plane.

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