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Discover The Osa Peninsula Costa Rica

An ecological attraction, the Osa Peninsula is largely surrounded by the National Park of Corcovado. A mixture of lagoons, mountains and marshes, this forest - the country's most humid - covers over 134,615 acres of land and 6,175 acres of sea, 140 mammals, the six species of big cats of the country, 40 species of fish, 117 reptile species and thousands of different insects, including the Purrajas, a voracious mosquito. The Osa Peninsula is not part of the tour operators' programmed itineraries so you will have to get there by your own means.

  • The Osa Peninsula , Costa Rica
    The Osa Peninsula

    Declared 'one of the most biologically intense places on earth' by National Geographic Magazine, the Osa Peninsula is the premier eco-tourism destination in the county

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  • The jaguar

    Many different species of felines live in the Osa Peninsula, like the puma, the ocelot, the tabby cat, and the jaguar - ruler of the jungle.

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  • Lush vegetation

    There are 8 different types of habitats on this peninsula, ranging from primary forest to old growth forest, that are home to 13 different types of vegetation.

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  • The jaguarundi

    The jaguarundi is a medium-sized cat which mainly lives in Central and South America.

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  • The Costa Rican mangrove

    Mangroves are one of the most productive ecosystems on the planet. They play a fundamental role in the balance and reproduction of thousands of species.

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  • The jaguar panther

    This jaguar prefers to live in humid zones like river-filled forests.

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