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The volcanoes Costa Rica
Margot Millier
Margot Millier Section editor

Discover The volcanoes

In the central valley, Poas is one of the most active volcanoes in the country. With a diameter close to one mile, its main crater is one of the largest in the world. Following the path, you can see the geysers as well as smoke emanating from cracks in the ground. Also active, the Irazu volcano is 11,256 ft high and is composed of four craters, from the top of which you can see the ocean on either side. Another volcano you must absolutely see is the Arenal, which is the most active in the country. During day time, you can hear the rumblings of the menacing mountain, and at night you can actually see the lava flowing and spitting. In 1968, the Arenal volcano wiped a village off the map. In August 2000 its activity intensified so much that the hotels around it had to close, and security barriers now close off access to the area (see the ?Security' section in ?All Information') Close by, the lake carrying the same name is used for fishing, canoeing, swimming and windsurfing.

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The volcanoes

A waterfall

At the heart of Costa Rica's rainforest you will discover magnificent waterfalls and rivers with turquoise waters.

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The hot springs of Costa Rica

A tourist enjoys the hot springs resulting from Costa Rica's volcanic activity.

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The volcanoes of Costa Rica

There are no less than 116 volcanoes in Costa Rica, with 5 active and 3 dormant. They are spread across 3 cordilleras.

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An impressive crater

This is a spectacular crater (1,300 metres wide and 300 metres deep).

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The main crater of the Poás volcano

This crater shelters a large lake filled with blue water which emits large clouds of sulphurous gas which then falls again as acid rain.

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