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The Contemporary creation is remarkable. It is in Zagreb that you can discover artists that are often "avant garde" (animation, cartoons, graphics). In Dubrovnik, hundreds of artists find inspiration. You can buy their work in various art galleries in town.

  • Contemporary Arts , Art in Zadar, Croatia , Croatia
    Art in Zadar, Croatia

    This piece, by Nikola Basic, is named 'The Greeting to the Sun'

    Martin Siepmann / age fotostock;
  • Contemporary Arts , A sculpture in Opatija, Croatia , Croatia
    A sculpture in Opatija, Croatia

    This sculpture depicts a young girl with a seagull

    Kevin Galvin / age fotostock
  • Contemporary Arts , Mosaic in Rovinj, Croatia , Croatia
    Mosaic in Rovinj, Croatia

    This mosaic depicts the sun as a sun dial

    Otto Stadler / age fotostock
  • Contemporary Arts , Croatia
    Art in Croatia

    Modern art in Croatia began with the secessionist ideas spreading from Vienna and Munich, and post-impressionism from Paris.

    Olaf Karwisch / age fotostock
  • Contemporary Arts , Croatia
    The statues of Kalifront, Croatia

    Kalifront is one of the best reserved wooded zones in the Mediterranean. In addition to many butterflies, you will find several contemporary art statues.

    Ralf Hettich / age fotostock
  • Contemporary Arts , Croatia
    Art, Croatia

    The Medulic Society of sculptors and painters from Split brought themes of national history and legends to their art.

    Imagehit - age fotostock
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