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Afro-Cuban Music Cuba
By Amy Adejokun Amy Adejokun Section editor

Discover Afro-Cuban Music

If the Caribbean was to be an orchestra, then Cuba would most certainly be its maestro. All you have to do is walk into one of the various casas de la trova (house of music) to understand that on this island, music and dance are like second nature to the Cubans, but also a custom that didn't begin overnight. Cuban music has its roots in Spain and Africa that go back to the time of colonialism. Since then, Havana has developed its own style, drawing inspiration from styles as varied as bolero, salsa and North American jazz.

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Afro-Cuban Music

Afro-Cuban Music , Cuba
Afro-Cuban Music

Part of Cuba's music is influenced by the African culture. Some of the instruments were brought over to Cuba by African slaves.

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Afro-Cuban Music , no title! , Cuba
no title!

Afro-Cuban Music

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Afro-Cuban Music , African instruments , Cuba
African instruments

Some of the instruments, like the drums, were brought over from Africa and are used by Cuban composers.

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Afro-Cuban Music , A violin player , Cuba
A violin player

The instruments of Cuba are very diverse: ranging from the African drum to the violin; there is no limit to what you will find here.

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Afro-Cuban Music , Cuban music , Cuba
Cuban music

A guitar player in Havana.

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