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Cuba is neither lacking in cinemas, theatres or libraries. The films 'Fresa y Chocolate', 'Cuba Feliz' and 'Calle 54'; not to mention the various writers and film directors inspired by the island. Think of Cuba and you may think of the great Hemingway and more recently, Wim Wenders. Read the books and watch the films before leaving. And finally, once there, open your eyes and ears; in Cuba, the culture is found on the streets.

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    Books and Films

    As well as producing many famous homegrown writer, Cuba has also inspired writers and filmmakers from across the world

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  • Books and Films , Cuba
    A fresco

    This fresco painted on a wall in Havana depicts a scene from daily life.

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  • Books and Films , Cuba
    An old library in Havana

    Books and Films

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  • Books and Films , Cuba
    A Cuban bookstore

    This small shop with Spanish books is found on Arms Square in Havana.

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    A film shoot in Cuba

    Books and Films

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