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The Spanish conquerors, inspired by the Indian sorcerers that inhaled the smoke of dried leaves of the cohiba (tobacco) through tube made from reed, are the inventors of the cigar. The tobacco trade only really started in Cuba in 1580 and became the main product of exportation for the country in 1700.

The region of Pinar del Rio today produces the best cigars in the world. Located some hundreds of miles south-west of Havana, it is cut through by the Rio Guamia and overlooked by the splendid Alturas Pizarrosas. The proximity of the mountains and the humidity of the climate give the land around Pinar a sandy aspect that is so prized by the tobacco planters.

  • Cuban Cigars , Cigars, a national industry , Cuba
    Cigars, a national industry

    Snuff trade began in Cuba in 1580 and in 1700 became the main product of the country's exports

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  • Cuban Cigars , Cuba
    Cuban Cigars
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  • Cuban Cigars , Tobacco , Cuba

    Cuban cigars

  • Cuban Cigars , Partagas cigars , Cuba
    Partagas cigars

    Cuban cigars

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    'Pure' Cuban cigars

    Cuban cigars

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    The production of cigars

    Cuban cigars

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