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Since the creation of the Academy of Fine Arts of Havana by the French painter Jean-Baptiste Vermay in the 18th century, fine art has become very important in Cuban culture. There are many Cuban painters, the most famous being Wilfredo Lam, the contemporary painter Raul Mendive and Felix Gonzales Torres.

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    Many world renowned Cuban artists were trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in Havana

    Martin Siepmann/ age fotostock
  • Painting , Cuba
    The Hall of Mirrors, Havana

    A painting

    Rob Rae
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    Cuban portraits

    A painting

    Angelo Cavalli / age fotostock
  • Painting , Cuba
    A fresco in the Tomas Terry Theatre

    A painting

    Sami Sarkis / age fotostock
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    Cuban art

    Cuban artists like to depict scenes from the history of Cuba, but you will also find other themes, such as modern art and landscape paintings.

    Jenny Ebert / age fotostock
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    Cuban walls


    ZOONAR GMBH LBRF / age fotostock
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