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Amongst the 380 species of birds found on the archipelago, 21 have been labelled endangered. And among those are certain parrots, nightingales and woodpeckers. The tocororo, a Cuban parrot, is the national bird. Meanwhile the zunzuncito, the smallest bird in the world, is often mistaken for an insect. Deforestation is leading to the disappearance of certain species whilst endangering others. Many animal and plant species are on the UN's official list of species that are close to extinction.

  • The Birds , Cuba
    The Birds

    Cuba is home to 21 species of endemic birds

    Martin Siepmann/ age fotostock
  • The Birds , Cuba
    A beachrunner

    This sandpiper owes its name to its behaviour: it always runs very fast on the beach and is difficult to take a photo of.

    Andrea Matone
  • The Birds , Cuba
    An eagle

    An eagle perched at the top of a branch stakes out its prey.

    © Frank Wabhrer / age fotostock
  • The Birds , Cuba
    Caribbean pink flamingoes

    This species of pink flamingo can be seen between the Caribbean islands and northern South America. Its colour depends on its diet.
  • The Birds , Cuba

    Three yellow budgies in a cage.

    Index StockPhotolibr
  • The Birds , Cuba
    Predatory bird

    This predatory bird can be found in the Camaguey region in Cuba.

    Richard Semik
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