• The narrow streets of the Turkish quarter still accommodate artisan booths.
    The Turkish quarter of Larnaca

    The narrow streets of the Turkish quarter still accommodate artisan booths.

Amy Adejokun
Amy Adejokun Expert destination Cyprus

Larnaca (100,000 inhabitants), with its own international airport, is a pleasant seaside resort. A promenade lined with palm trees along the beach where the influx of tourists is focused, a marina port for amateur yachtsmen and a former Turkish quarter on the waterfront hosting friendly taverns form a city that will be loved by visitors. You can discover, for example, the ancient mosque of Al-Kabir, towards the Byzantine church of Saint-Lazare, the old fort and its medieval museum and still get lost in the shady alleys mingling with crowds and merchants. Like the majority of the seaside resorts on the island, the hotel zone is located outside of the city, on both sides of a road heading west, leading to the airport. Some establishments have played their cards right in succeeding to create a quiet, and sometimes intimate ambience, facing the Mediterranean Sea. The hotels on the island offer a decent level of comfort and equipment. Drinks ordered during meals are always at an extra cost to the client. The thematic buffets offered in the evening sometimes come at an extra cost, so are optional.

The beaches are public. Water sports mostly depend on private companies installed on the beach, and are therefore subject to a fee. In general, there is no diving club on the hotel's beach, though if you ask you will be recommended a good diving centre.

The shops are closed on Saturday afternoons and Sundays, making the cities look rather bleak.

Larnaca: what to do?

Make an excursion inland to discover the entire island. Apart from a few streets, Larnaca is not a typical, authentic village. Rent a car and visit Kofinou and Tochni. There are several reputable taverns where you can have lunch on the terrace and enjoy a typical Cypriot dish. Continue toward Mazotos and Maroni, along a picturesque, coastal road where crops and rocky cliffs alternate.

  • High-quality hotels
  • The central location, an ideal base for visiting the country
  • The city's lively ambiance
  • Mostly grey sand beaches
  • The lack of authenticity in the hotel zone

To avoid

Visiting Larnaca by car is difficult with many one-way streets and heavy traffic. Meanwhile, traffic signs are almost non-existent! Also avoid tourist-trap restaurants; the meals are often mediocre and expensive on top of that! You can spot these restaurants a mile away for their menus of chips, hamburgers and pizza.

Larnaca: what to eat?

Taste the kleftiko dish, this is one of the most traditional dishes of the island, but unfortunately the majority of British tourists usually prefer pizzas and hamburgers. So, in order to enjoy this lamb that has simmered for hours in the oven, do not hesitate to call in at a local inn to try your luck. For lack of it, try the Cypriote moussaka: served in a pottery fondue dish, it has a pleasant rustic taste.

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