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The Monastery of Kykkos is incontestably the most famous one on the island. Perched at an altitude of 1,400m, today it is considered as an important place of worship. It holds the icon of the Blessed Virgin, glorified by all of the worshippers on the island, which largely contributes to the monastery's worldwide renown. The site receives the most visitors on Sundays and religious holidays since this is when the inhabitants from all four corners of the country come to visit. The building has two main courtyards which can be freely visited. Numerous galleries are covered with superb, brightly-coloured contemporary frescos of Byzantine inspiration which recount the site's history, the lives of the saints and Biblical passages. It should be noted that in addition to the monastery there is a splendid museum containing priceless mother-of-pearl, gold, and silver objects.
You will be able to buy postcards or objects representing the saints in this museum. It is a good place to start, before finding yourself in the monastery's most extraordinary spot: the church, where mass can last up to four hours. This church is one of the most impressive of its kind.
It can be visited from November to May from 10:00am to 4:00pm, and from June to October from 10:00am to 6:00pm. Avoid coming during summer, the high season, when the monastery is swarming with visitors.

  • Le monastère de Kykkos , Monastery of Kykkos , Cyprus
    Monastery of Kykkos

    This monastery next to the Troodos Mountains is open every day of the year. Entry is free.

    © Maria Breuer / age fotostock
  • Le monastère de Kykkos , Frescoes at the Monastery of Kykkos , Cyprus
    Frescoes at the Monastery of Kykkos

    These sublime frescoes cover all the walls and even the ceilings of the monastery. They represent numerous scenes from the Bible.

    © Maria Breuer / age fotostock
  • Le monastère de Kykkos , Kykkos museum , Cyprus
    Kykkos museum

    The monastery also has a museum of depictions of the saints and the Virgin Mary, among others. If you wish to film or take photos, you must ask first.

    © White Star Monica G - age fotostock
  • Le monastère de Kykkos , Mass in Cyprus , Cyprus
    Mass in Cyprus

    Religion remains a very important part of life for Cypriots. Each mass can last up to 3 or 4 hours. The most important one of the year is held at Easter.

    © Thierry Lauzun / age fotostock
  • Le monastère de Kykkos , Portraits of the Saints of Cyprus , Cyprus
    Portraits of the Saints of Cyprus

    The monastery is decorated with gilding, which makes the site unique. At the back of the room are portraits of saints, which must be kissed one after the other.

    © White Star Monica G - age fotostock
  • Le monastère de Kykkos , Clothing in Kykkos , Cyprus
    Clothing in Kykkos

    These robes hang next to the monastery entrance. In order to enter the building you must be appropriately dressed.

    © Cindy Neves
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