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Cyprus is among the oldest wine producers in the world. Already benefiting from a well-established reputation, many of its wines are manufactured from grape varieties that were imported from Cyprus to Europe. Limassol is the largest wine production and exportation centre. However, other producers can be found elsewhere, especially in the wine-growing region of Krassochoria. More than a hundred grape varieties are cultivated on the island to produce dry whites like Amathus and Aphrodite, reds like Kikko and Olympus, and more full-bodied varieties like Keo Claret. Nevertheless, the leading wine of Cyprus is the Commandaria, which you will certainly have the opportunity to try. It is the best-known and most enjoyed. Wine may be the traditional product, but other alcohols do exist as well, like the local beer, Keo. For a pre-dinner drink you will be served ouzo, an alcohol flavoured with aniseed. For a liqueur after dinner, the locals drink Zivania, a Cypriot eau-de-vie with an alcohol content of 45% and distilled from grape varieties found on the island.

  • Le vin et la vigne , A Cypriot vineyard , Cyprus
    A Cypriot vineyard

    The grapes are, of course, mostly used to make wine, but they are also used in the local cuisine.

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    Bunches of grapes

    With 340 days of sun per year, barely any rain ever falls on the vineyards, from the planting of the vines to the budding of the first grapes.

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  • Le vin et la vigne , Cyprus wine production , Cyprus
    Cyprus wine production

    Wine production is an authentic tradition on the island of Cyprus. You will find all types of wines there: red, white, dry, and even dessert wines.

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  • Le vin et la vigne , Wine fermenting , Cyprus
    Wine fermenting

    In the wine-growing region of Krassochoria, some of the locals make their own wine using vats in which fermentation takes place.

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  • Le vin et la vigne , Storing the wine , Cyprus
    Storing the wine

    Wooden barrels are used to add secondary aromas to the wine, which after a few months develops a wider and more complex palate.

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  • Le vin et la vigne , Commandaria , Cyprus

    Wine holds such importance that there is one to suit every dish. The most popular is most definitely Commandaria.

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