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Czech Republic : Discover the country's culture


Franz Kafka's complete works, especially 'The Castle', 'The Process' and 'The Metamorphosis' (Ed. Gallimard, coll. Folio).


'La Moldau' by Friedrich Smetana
Work by Leos Janacek
'Symphony number 9 of the New World' by Anton Dvorak

Czech Republic : Discover the country's history

Historical dates

9th century: creation of the kingdom of Great Moravia and christianisation of the country by Cyril and Methodius.
10th century: kingdom of Bohemia.
14th century: Luxemburg dynasty. Under Charles IV, Prague becomes very influential as the 3rd most important city in Western Europe.
1419-1434: Hussite revolution.
16th century: Habsburg dynasty. Important era for cultural and artistic effervescence.
1618: beginning of the Thirty-years' War.
1620: the Protestants are defeated at the Battle of White Mountain. The Counter-Reform imposes Catholicism.
1781: restoration of the freedom of worship.
19th century: a period the development of patriotic awareness.
1918: the Republic of Czechoslovakia is founded with Slovakia.
1938: Hitler annexes the Sudetes, a Czech province, then makes it a protectorate. A resistance is put in place.
1945: the Soviets free Prague.
1948: the Communists take power with the ?Prague coup'. Stalinian regime.
1968: ?Prague spring' revolution. Alexander Dubcek takes power but the Russians invade the city. Czech artists and intellectuals flee, and others are arrested.
1977: playwright Vaclav Havel founds an opposition group with the Charter 77.
End of 1989: the ?Velvet revolution' breaks the power down with successive strikes and demonstrations. Vaclav Havel is elected president.
January 1993: the Czech Republic is proclaimed, separated from Slovakia. Vaclav Havel is the president.
April 1999: the Czech Republic enters NATO.
Since March 2003: Vaclav Klaus has been head of State. Vladimir Spidla is Prime Minister.
June 2003: 77 % of the Czech vote for their country's membership to the European Union.
May 1st 2004: the Czech Republic becomes one of the 25 countries of the EU.

Czech Republic : Stay up to date on the country's holidays and events


January 1st: New Year's Day.
March-April: Easter celebrations.
May 1st: Labour day.
May 8th: Anniversary of the Liberation.
May: ?Prague Spring' International Music Festival.
End of May: Prague international marathon.
From end of June to mid-September: Prague Shakespeare Festival.
June-July: International folk's festival in Straznice.
July: International film festival in Karlovy Vary, every other year.
July 5th: Saint Cyril and Methodius' Day.
July 6th: Jan Hus memorial.
August: Brno motorcycle grand prix.
From mid-September to early October: Prague Autumn International Music Festival.
October 28th: Independence Day (national holiday).
December 24th, 25th, 26th: Christmas holidays.

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