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Bordered by the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, Denmark has several thousands of miles of coastlines. In addition to the Jutland Peninsula, there are 406 islands off of the mainland shore. 97 of them are inhabited. We also musn't forget Greenland, which belongs to Denmark and which itself has thousands of miles of coastlines.

The fragmented nature of this territory means that Denmark's coastlines are rather unique in their diversity: flat and sandy around Copenhagen, more wild in the eastern part of the country, rugged on some of the islands and made up of cliffs and ice in Greenland. The most beautiful landscapes are undoubtedly those of the fjords, these geological wonders where the sea penetrates inland.


Denmark is full of curiosities to be discovered. The undisputed star of the country is its little mermaid, a statue sitting on a rock in the port of Copenhagen. The capital is also home to many royal castles, including Christianborg, currently the seat of the Danish parliament, and Rosenborg Castle, where the Crown Jewels are exhibited. Finally, for children aged 7 to 77, Legoland park is a great place to spend a wonderful day full of thrills and discovery! For those who don't know, the LEGO brand is indeed Danish!

The fauna

12% of Denmark's surface area is covered by forests and dozens of different species live in the middle of these forests. Some of the numerous mammals include squirrels, deer and foxes. The country is also home to nearly 300 different bird species. Finally, let's not forget the dozens of different fish species that live along the Danish coastlines.


17,000 sq mi and multiple landscapes with chalk cliffs and sandy beaches alternating along the 4,300 miles of coasts. A peninsula and 406 islands, of which 97 are inhabited, are linked by various straits, bridges or ferries. Countryside horizons, gigantic forests, fishing villages and numerous castles have made Denmark a land of surprisingly contrasting landscapes.

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