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Geneva in short

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The town that was dubbed the "Protestant Rome" at the time of Calvin and the Reformation undoubtedly owes much of its wealth to the industrious and austere spirit of the French Huguenots who came here in large numbers at the time of the Wars of Religion. A stroll through the Old Town and its pretty cobbled streets will reveal some of the city's oldest buildings, such as the Baudet Tower (erected in 1455-56), the old arsenal, the Tavel House, which houses the Vieux-Genève Museum, St Peter's Cathedral, the High School Calvin, the Russian Church and the Place du Bourg-de-Four, where fairs used to be held. But Geneva's strength also lies in its proximity to Lake Geneva, which borders the southern part of the city and is a must-see for all visitors to the city.

Outside the Old Town, the "Place de Neuve" is bordered by the Grand Theatre, the Musée Rath and the Conservatoire. Opposite the Grand-Théâtre, you can stroll through the Parc des Bastions, which features statues of the Reformers. Two parallel streets, known as the "lower streets", take you through the city centre and its many shops. On the other side of the Rhône is the lively Pâquis district with its famous lakeside baths and, behind the station, the Grottes district, where you can take a look at the "Smurfs' house".

Geneva is located on the shores of Lake Geneva, at the western end of Switzerland.

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A stroll along the quays on the left bank will take you to the Jardin Anglais, the Parc de la Grange and the Parc des Eaux-Vives, past the famous jet d'eau that features on every postcard of Geneva. On the right bank, you can visit the botanical gardens with their small zoo and fabulous flowerbeds.

The Palace of the United Nations.

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Of course, the United Nations Palace and the International Red Cross Museum are not to be missed. When it comes to museums and galleries, the list is long. Among the must-sees are the Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Art and History, the Museum of Natural History, the Musée Rath, the Museum of Ethnography and the Automobile Museum.

Warwick Geneva Geneva

Warwick Geneva

The Warwick Geneva is located opposite Geneva's main railway station, 300 metres from the lake and 6 minutes from the international airport.
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A stroll along the shores of Lake Geneva is the perfect way to enjoy the city, or a boat trip to admire the city from afar. Geneva is the European city that devotes the largest part of its budget to culture, which is why it has numerous museums such as the Martin-Bodmer Museum, the Patek Philippe Museum, the International Reformation Museum and the Red Cross Museum. For this reason, it boasts a number of museums, including the Martin-Bodmer Museum, the Patek Philippe Museum, the International Museum of the Reformation and the Red Cross Museum, while the Palais des Nations, which houses the European headquarters of the UN, is also worth a visit.

Geneva is a modern city with wide avenues, gardens and lakeside parks.

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The Jet d'eau is probably Geneva's best-known landmark. At 140 m high, the jet has been a tourist attraction since 1891, although it was originally used simply to relieve the pressure of the water distribution system. You'll fall in love with Geneva when you visit the old town. Its characterful old houses and monuments bear witness to a rich history in the heart of Europe. The many green spaces, such as the English Garden and the Botanical Garden, are ideal for enjoying the fresh Alpine air.

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How to get there?

Geneva is both the capital of the canton and the second-largest city in Switzerland. Your flight to Geneva will take you to Switzerland's leading tourist destination. Crossed by the Rhône, the city has developed on both banks. The old town is on the left bank, so your flight will land you on the other side of the lake, at Geneva Cointrin airport.


🚆 Your journey to Geneva by train or bus

Geneva, a cosmopolitan pearl nestled between the mountains and the lake, combines luxury, culture and a unique international reputation.
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Where to stay?

Geneva features every year on the list of the world's most liveable cities, and many tourists flock here every year to discover the charms of the "Rome of Switzerland"! So try to book your hotel a little in advance, to avoid any unpleasant surprises. We've put together a selection of 10 great places to stay.

Our top 10 best accommodations in Geneva
Our top 10 best accommodations in Geneva
Geneva is a fascinating and cosmopolitan city located in Switzerland, along the majestic Lake Geneva. With a rich history and diverse culture, there is no shortage of entertainment...

Practical information

🕒 When to go?

Although winter in Geneva offers many interesting activities, such as the "Arbres en Lumières" festival in December and the "La Coupe de Noël" competition where swimmers plunge into the frozen lake, it's important to remember that temperatures can be hard to bear for those not used to a mountain climate. Winters can be harsh, bringing snow to ski resorts, but also requiring you to dress warmly and protect yourself from the breeze that often blows across Lake Geneva. In some winters, this icy wind, combined with the lake's waves, can create surprising icy sculptures on the shores.

🛍️ What to bring back?

We can't recommend enough that you bring back a little sweet for your loved ones. A few Swiss chocolates from a Geneva chocolatier will always go down a treat. Savoury fans will appreciate being offered a longeole de Genève, a delicious Swiss cheese. You can also indulge in a few bottles of local wine to take home. Younger visitors who are only familiar with euro coins will no doubt appreciate being offered a few Swiss Francs.

🚌 Getting around easily

When you stay in accommodation in Geneva, you'll receive a free digital version of the "Geneva Transport Card". Thanks to this card, public transport in Geneva is free for the duration of your stay.

This personal card gives you unlimited use of the Geneva public transport network, UNIRESO: bus (TPG), train (CFF) and boat (Mouettes genevoises). You will receive a link by email three days before your arrival allowing you to obtain your Geneva Transport Card on your smartphone. So you can already use it to get to your accommodation from the airport.

😷 Covid

In Switzerland, the certificate requirement was lifted on 17 February 2022. For trips abroad, it may still be necessary to present a COVID-19 certificate depending on the measures applicable in the destination country. The situation may change as a result of new outbreaks of Covid-19. We therefore advise you to stay informed before planning any trip. Also, be careful when you fly: airlines may have specific requirements before you board. In particular, they may require you to wear a mask during the flight. Please check directly with your airline to find out what health measures are in place.

lightbulb_outline Editor's tip

As a cosmopolitan city, Geneva is home to restaurants where you can sample cuisine from all over the world. However, it would be a shame not to take advantage of Geneva's rich gastronomy. Longeole is the city's traditional dish. It is a pork sausage with fennel. For dessert, try the delicious prune tart that celebrates the Jeûne Genevois.

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