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La Plagne
La Plagne

When excitement meets mountain tranquillity

La Plagne in short

In a nutshell

Welcome to Savoie, in the Tarentaise Valley. Together with Les Arcs and Peisey-Vallandry, La Plagne forms the second largest linked ski area in the world after Les Trois Vallées, but ahead of Tignes Val D'Isère. This is Paradiski, with 435km of pistes between 1,200 metres and 3,250 metres above sea level on the Bellecôte glacier.

Panoramic mountain views at La Plagne

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La Plagne is made up of ten villages, each with its own ambience and atmosphere: family, sports, young people, parties... The village of Plagne Bellecôte is more affordable and attracts many young people with its bars and discos. There are seven high-altitude villages (Belle Plagne, Plagne Aime 2000, Plagne Villages-Plagne Soleil, Plagne Centre, Plagne 1800, Plagne Bellecôte and Les Coches) and three mid-mountain villages more suited to families: Montalbert, Montchavin and Champagny en Vanoise.

La Plagne resort in summer

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The most visited resort in the world, La Plagne is also the number one French resort in terms of turnover and number of beds. 70% of the clientele is French and 30% foreign, particularly Belgians, Dutch and British. Every weekend, the crowds that flock to the resort are impressive, but very surprising when you consider the village atmosphere that reigns at La Plagne! Whether you're introducing your little ones to the snow for the first time or perfecting your moves as an experienced skier, there's something for everyone.

Le téléphérique Vanoise Express entre La Plagne et Les Arcs

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The star of the resort is the Vanoise Express, the largest cable car in the world, offering a 360° panoramic view of the Alps with Mont Blanc in the foreground. The journey takes just 4 minutes! Since it opened, Les Arcs and La Plagne have been easily accessible, so you can enjoy the thrills and breathtaking scenery of the Alps even more.

La Plagne resort lit up at the end of the day.

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La Plagne is proud to be home to France's only bobsleigh run, one of only seven in Europe. At 1,500 metres long and with 19 bends, it was used for the 1992 Albertville Winter Olympics. Tourists can descend it on three different machines, ranging from 80 to 120 km/hour and costing from €44 to €295. The ice snake that stands proudly at Plagne 1800 is a real land of winners, training the most experienced skiers during the day before giving way to the tourists at the end of the afternoon.

Marmotte à La Plagne

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There's plenty to do too: downhill skiing, of course, but also ski touring, tobogganing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling and dog-sledding. One winter in La Plagne is not enough to try everything! In summer, there's zip-lining, hiking and mountain biking in the lush green forests of the Vanoise National Park. All year round: spas, paragliding and unique landscapes! La Plagne has just as many activities for summer as for winter, and a host of exclusives to delight lucky tourists.

Logo of La Plagne Paradiski

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A wide variety of events organised by the resort or its partner brands are held in the resort of the bonhomme rouge. For the record, the La Plagne logo featuring a red hat and sunglasses was created in 1966 during Guy Lux's Interneige programme. Whether you come to La Plagne for a raclette, a black run, a bobsleigh run or a walk by the lake, this man will always welcome you with a smile, just like the thousands of people who work in the resort!

How to get there?

Most holidaymakers in La Plagne come by car, which is the easiest way to get to the resorts, despite the recurrent traffic jams at winter weekends. You can also take the train to Aime-la-Plagne before taking a shuttle, bus or taxi to your accommodation. Those who are further afield can reach the resort by plane from Lyon or Grenoble.


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Where to stay?

La Plagne is a ski resort with a wide range of hotels to suit all budgets. There are plenty of hotels to choose from. There are many residences in the La Plagne ski area. Most of them are authentic chalets built of untreated wood, with a predominantly mountain feel. Many are modern constructions.

Practical information

Lift passes :

Several lift passes are available to suit different needs and profiles. Pedestrians and cross-country skiers can take advantage of a reduced-price weekly pass. Skiers can choose the duration of their pass: 1, 3 or 6 days, and the area: La Plagne or Paradiski. For night-time outings, the Bellecôte gondola takes pedestrians up to 1am to Belle Plagne! The ski area is huge, so be wary of the closing times of the lifts to avoid getting stuck in a village, otherwise you'll be stuck with a shuttle bus or taxi!

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For winter:

Full warm ski clothing is essential to withstand the sometimes freezing temperatures: coat, trousers, gloves, neck warmer, socks, fleece, under-sweater, etc. For skiing, it's best to hire the equipment you need from one of the sports shops in the resort where you're staying. Skis, poles, boots and helmets are available, so there's no need to buy them if you're an occasional skier. Book your equipment hire in advance to avoid stock problems. Remember to buy a suitable goggle if you wear glasses. For non-skiing activities, after-ski boots are ideal for walking in the snow! And even in the middle of winter, sunburns can happen quickly in the mountains, so pack some sun cream in your luggage.

For summer:

suitable footwear is essential for hikers! Temperatures can also vary depending on the time of day, so you'll need to pack clothing for all seasons. As in winter, sunburns can happen quickly in the mountains, so be sure to reapply sun cream regularly!

Babies are not allowed in hotels above 1800 metres. The La Plagne resorts accessible to families are : Montchavin - Les Coches, Champagny en Vanoise, Plagne Montalbert and Plagne 1800. For children and adults, organisations such as the ESF and Oxygène offer group or individual ski lessons in most resorts.

Weather conditions:
In the event of an avalanche, it will be easier to find you if you are wearing a beacon. Avoid skiing on your own and say where you are going to ski. For off-piste enthusiasts, it's best to be accompanied by a guide so that you can take all the necessary precautions. Always take water and a few energy bars, which are useful on the chairlift!

Holidaymakers who come to the resort by car should be prepared. Chains or tyre socks are essential and should be kept in the boot of the car in case of snow on bends. If your car is fitted with winter tyres, they may not be enough in some cases. Take anti-freeze windscreen washer and a scraper with you if you are not parked in a covered car park. Many resorts have large underground car parks with weekly passes, so ask about the rates and book in advance where possible.

Don't forget to take out insurance: 3 euros a day is nothing compared to the thousands of euros you could lose if something goes wrong! Your joints and muscles will thank you if you've warmed up a bit before setting off.


Download the Paradiski Yuge app to geolocate yourself and get all the information you need about lift and resort timetables and the day's weather. If you like a challenge, the app also lets you time yourself and take part in challenges!

Yuge application:

lightbulb_outline Editor's tip

There's no need to take the Paradiski package all week. It's better to take the one-day extension one or two days a week. Watch out for avalanches if you're skiing off-piste!

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