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Lake Asal is 155 m below sea level, in a wild crater surrounded by austere mountains; it is the lowest point of the African continent. Temperatures can exceed 50C here and there is 350 g of salt concentrated in every litre, ten times more than in the water of the oceans. The site is of rare beauty. Shining under the mid-day sun, the lake shores, covered in salt, eroded and moulded through the centuries, create strange mirages and violent flashes of light. The water is marine blue and turquoise, laced with emerald and yellow, with scattered immaculate white icebergs and atolls made of salt. All around the lake, the grounds are covered with billions of fabulous crystals, of honey coloured gypsum desert roses. It is the largest salt reserve on the planet, a salt the Afar caravans trade with Ethiopia. The lake used to only be accessible by camel. But nowadays a track has been made, which enables the access of lorries that exploit this resource gold mine, with the risk of slowly drying it up.

Amy Adejokun
Amy Adejokun Expert destination Djibouti


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