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Dominica : Discover the country's culture


All the books by Jean Rhys, who was born on the island: Voyage in the Dark, Wide Sargasso Sea and her correspondence (Jean Rhys Letters 1931-1966) which covers thirty five years of her writing life.
There is also a reference book on the island's history, Dominica: Isle of Adventure: Lennox Honychurch. For sale in the bookshops of Roseau.


Guadeloupe and Dominica: Lonely Planet.


Various groups of Zouk, Doukos, Cadence-Calypso (RSB, First Serenade, Partners in Crime).

Dominica : Discover the country's history

Historical dates

14th century: the Carib indians settle on the island that they call Wai'tu kubuli, 'Tall is her body'.
3rd December 1493: Christopher Columbus discovers the island and names it Dominica.
1635: the French land in Dominica and send missionaries who are quickly rejected by the local population.
1660:signature of a neutrality treaty between the English and the French. Dominica is left to the property of the Indians.
End of the 17th century, French settlers establish the first plantations.
1720: France sends a governor and takes possession of the island.
1763: following various conflicts, the Paris treaty gives Dominica to the English.
1795: France attempts to regain possession over the island.
1805: France tries again and fails again. Roseau fires.
From 1805 to 1967: the island is placed under British authority. Until 1939 it is part of the Leeward Islands Federation and then part of the Windsor Islands Federation.
1967: Dominica has an autonomous interior government.
On 3rd November 1978: the island becomes an independent republic within the Commonwealth.
June 1979: Patrick John, then Prime Minister, resigns following corruption allegations.
August 1979: cyclone David causes the death of 50 people, the destruction of the banana crop, and wrecks Roseau and entire forests.
July 1980: the Dominica Freedom party (DFP) wins the election and a woman, Mary Eugenia Charles, becomes Prime Minister.
1980-81: Charles escapes two coups d'Etat perpetrated by Patrick John.
October 1983: Charles sends soldiers to help in the invasion of Grenada.
In 1995: Eugenia Charles resigns and the DFP loses the election to The United Worker's Party. Edison James becomes Prime Minister.
October 1998: Vernon Lordon Shaw is elected President.
October 2000: Pierre Charles becomes Prime Minister.

Dominica : Stay up to date on the country's holidays and events


1st January: New Year's Day.
Carnival, on Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday.
1st August: Independence Day.
3rd November: Independence Day. The Friday before this celebration is Creole Day, a Creole event with traditional dances, singing and local music.
25th December: Christmas Day.

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