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East of the Nile, up to the Red Sea and in the Sinaļ peninsula is the Arabic desert. The Bedouin country and landscapes are made of stone, rocky plateaus with pink mountainous blocs, some more than 6,560ft high (perfect for trekking). That is the case of Mount Moses in the Sinaļ which is 7,495ft high. It is on top of this hill that Moses is said to have received the Tablets of Law. After three hours of a nocturnal climb between camel caravans and tourists, you can witness a wonderful reddish sunrise.

  • Sinai Desert, The Arabic Desert, Landscapes, Egypt
    Sinai Desert

    The summers experienced are extremely hot in this arid area, the largest expanse of sand in the world.

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  • The summit of Egypt, The Arabic Desert, Landscapes, Egypt
    The summit of Egypt

    The Sinai Desert peaks at 2,642 metres with Mount St. Catherine, which is higher than the neighbouring Mount Sinai.

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  • St. Catherine's Monastery, The Arabic Desert, Landscapes, Egypt
    St. Catherine's Monastery

    St. Catherine's Monastery is a holy... and touristy place. It is easily accessible by car.

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  • A mountain desert, The Arabic Desert, Landscapes, Egypt
    A mountain desert

    Whether it be in Sinai itself or along the Red Sea on the African coast, the Arabian desert is very mountainous.

  • , The Arabic Desert, Landscapes, Egypt
    The Arabic Desert
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  • Sunrise over Sinai, The Arabic Desert, Landscapes, Egypt
    Sunrise over Sinai

    Sunrise over the desert from the summit of Mount Sinai (Jebel Musa).

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