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In between the Libyan desert and the Arabic desert, the Nile valley is the green lung of Egypt: a narrow strip of fertile land, 930 miles long and 1 to 13 miles large, that ends in the north (above Cairo) by a gigantic march valley in the shape of a delta from Alexandria to Port Saïd. The Nile valley is a precious garden of wheat, sugar cane, fruits and vegetables, that belong to the fellahs, the peasants that wear pastel coloured gallabiyyas (long tunic), and to the women dressed in black and their bare foot children. Going through this green Eden, discovering the Pharaoh relics as you cruise down the Nile river, gives you a delicious feeling of serenity.

  • The Nile valley, Landscapes, Luxor, Egypt
    The Nile valley

    The wealth of flora and fauna to be found on the banks of the Nile make it a unique place.

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  • The Nile valley , The fields around Luxor , Egypt
    The fields around Luxor

    Work in the fields around Luxor. Agriculture plays a key role in determining the structure of the social hierarchy here.

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  • The Nile valley , The banks of the Nile , Egypt
    The banks of the Nile

    The banks of the Nile from Luxor to Assouan are dotted with the riches of Egyptian civilisations.

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  • The Nile valley , The Nile Delta: Cairo , Egypt
    The Nile Delta: Cairo

    Cairo, capital city of Egypt on the Nile Delta, is an immense cultural and intellectual melting pot.

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  • The Nile valley , Green valley of the Nile , Egypt
    Green valley of the Nile

    The Nile forges a green valley through the middle of the surrounding desert.

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  • The Nile valley , Ancient sites along the Nile , Egypt
    Ancient sites along the Nile

    The region is bursting with ancient cities and sites dating back more than 4,000 years

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