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Equatorial Guinea will absolutely delight adventurers and fans of nature. This small African country boasts nature that has not yet been altered, lush vegetation, and white sand beaches that are among the most beautiful ones in the world. What is really special about Equatorial Guinea is its two volcanic islands: Annobon and Bioco. The latter is actually comprised of two formations separated by a beautiful valley. This island is also home to the highest peak in the country: Pico de Santa Isabel, which rises more than 3,000m. Vast plains stretch out to the coast. The inland hills on the mainland are covered by equatorial rainforests.


As you get closer to the coasts of Equatorial Guinea, you can easily understand what Fernando Poo, a Portuguese man and the first European to discover the country, must have felt when he first saw them. The volcanic island of Bioko seems to float like a mirage, surrounded by an eternal mist. In her novel 'African Odyssey', Mary Kingsley describes it as one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

Because of its many islands, Equatorial Guinea looks like a bunch of pieces of a puzzle thrown into the Gulf of Guinea. Each of them have magnificent white sand beaches that could easily compete with those in the Caribbean.

The fauna and flora

With their lush vegetation, the rainforests of Equatorial Guinea have extraordinary biological wealth. The Caldera Reserve, in the south of Luba, is a refuge for sea turtles. As for the gigantic trees in the jungles, they are home to wild orchids, elephants and gorillas.

Arts and culture

The multitude of cultures is one of the many things that sets Equatorial Guinea apart. The inhabitants, who have strong ties with their ancestral traditions, live in harmony with nature. Spanish, French and Portuguese cultures blend with the Fang culture of the Bantus, the largest ethnic group in the country. It is one of the largest communities of 'witches'. Sacred rituals accompanied by song and dance are a regular occurrence. Reliquary masks and sculptures are also essential components of the culture in Equatorial Guinea. The inhabitants celebrate their national holiday in mid-October. It is held in a different town every year and is when many traditional cultural events take place.

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