• Over the course of its history, Asmara has experienced various cultural influences, as evidenced by its monuments and the Italian architecture here dating from the colonial period.
    Matej Hudovernik
Amy Adejokun
Amy Adejokun Expert destination Eritrea

Various Eritrean cities have kept the marks of Italian colonialism. That is the case of Asmara, the colonial capital under the Italian occupation. When they left the country in 1941, they left behind a bit of Italy, today coloured by the bougainvilleas and the palm trees. Luckily, Asmara has been spared from all of the different conflicts. You can visit the colonial palace called the Ghibi, today home to the National Museum, the Lombardy style cathedral, the Orthodox church of Inda Mariam and the Khulasa el Rashidin mosque, made of marble and travertine. Don't forget to go round the central market, a real local Selfridges, where fruit, vegetables, antiquities, clothes, crafts and spices are found... The National Avenue, the main high street of the town, is an excellent place to meet locals and have a drink in the various cafes and bars, just one reason to travel to Asmara.

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