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Things to see in Ethiopia
By Amy Adejokun Amy Adejokun Section editor


Located in the centre of the country, Addis Abeba is the only metropolis in Ethiopia. Though it is without doubt worth visiting (it's hard to escape it!), it is the country's historic towns that are the most interesting, culturally speaking. This notably includes Axum and Gondar, two cities which bore witness to the grandeur of the former Ethiopian Empire.

The fauna and flora

Ethiopia has many national parks with extremely diversified wildlife. Ethiopia is also a big coffee producer whose plantations grow in tropical regions, situated in the country's south-west.


Rich with history, Ethiopia has preserved many traces of its past in its culture, mainly linked to the Orthodox Church. Ethiopians are very attached to their traditions and everything that is sacred. The monuments thus range from the Paleolithic Era to contemporary churches and constitute an important base of the Ethiopian culture.

The country's rich archaeological heritage includes skeletons of the first humans, gravestones, carved stones, bifaces and ceramics. The architectural heritage is dominated by the main sites of Axum and its megaliths, by the churches of Tigré and of Lalibelam, and by the surprising city of Harar.