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Activities and leisure

The archipelago has beautiful coral reefs, lagoons and beaches that are greatly appreciated by holidaymakers. Lovers of local cruises on sail boats, diving (in particular near the island of Taveuni) and of well equipped beaches, will appreciate the heavenly beauty of this archipelago.


The wealth of food found on the ground and in the sea allow Fijian people to live off of their own resources. Partly thanks to this, they have managed to preserve their authenticity and ancestral traditions.

The fauna and flora

Like most islands, Fiji has few species of land animals. However, you will be able to see some peculiar ones, like the crested and banded iguanas, both endemic species. From up close, on the latter you can see the streaks at the base of its neck, which look like Maori tattoos. You will also have the opportunity to see many bats and fall asleep listening to the characteristic noise of the geckos. On another note, Fiji is also a heavenly destination for fans of scuba diving and snorkelling. In the nearly 4,000 miles of coral reefs you can discover more than 1,000 fresh and saltwater fish, including dozens of protected species exclusive to the Fiji islands, and 7 species of sea turtles. In the western part of the archipelago, it is possible to swim with sharks, dolphins and even manta rays. Fiji has also been a whale sanctuary since 2003.

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